Saturday, January 4, 2014

out with the old - in with the new

the countdown is on and my life is about to change drastically! but here's to celebrating and embracing the year that was 2013. in january we uprooted and moved to carson city for our second round of the political drama - this time with justin getting paid! we found a place in a better part of town with double the friends [considering last time i had zero friends and 0 x 2 = 0 let's pretend i had one and now had 2] and i was better prepared with things to do and places to go, including the gym. i started doing a weekly post and got in great shape [check one for a resolution!] we went on a trip to sacramento and had a blast visiting the zoo and fairytale land. i also finally started on justin's family history, which starting is the hardest part [check two for resolutions!]. at the end of our time in carson, we found out we expecting baby #2 [my first hint was i was too sick to eat ice cream. talk about a major red flag]. june brought us back home in vegas. i also got to visit salt lake to see the cutest little girl in the whole world and went on girlcation #2 with the gals in my family to touachan. justin's work slowed down come august and he started finishing our backyard. it was an incredibly long journey but so worth it! justin's sister lynsey was married as well in southern utah. in september justin turned 26 and we went on another trip to salt lake so i could see my nephew recieve the priesthood and to meet miss madilyn tapana! september was bitter sweet since landon turned two in a fabulous manner but his gf charlotte also moved to new mexico. with landon now being of an age where he can enjoy things, we partied it up in october visiting numerous pumpkin patches. november i turned 27 then christmas brought in a giant round of fun activities like the magic christmas seed, magical forest, and too many presents. what a wonderful year!

as far as resolutions go, i feel like i've accomplished quite a bit. i finished the old testament for the second time [this took longer then a year because i simultaneously read the book of mormon as well]- this always makes me wonder what was going on back then. people marrying ladies, then switching ladies, then killing people. i know we're missing a lot but sometimes i'm like, really mr. prophet? THAT was what heavenly father wanted you to do? i also started on justin's family history [but have since slowed down because there's limited accesses to], got into shape [then quickly got fatfatfat] and ran another 5k [go me!]. i also got pregnant which took a lot longer then we planned to but was completely the way heavenly father planned it. i read quite a bit of books [none religious, so i have a way to go] and i feel like i've been a good mom to my little baby [not world's greatest but world's okay for sure]. my biggest goal this year was to go to the temple once a month which seems like an easy task but was really challenging for me, especially when we were in carson and i didn't have anyone to babysit landon. but somehow i did it and i'm so glad i did. i love the temple so much and i love attending it. it makes me so sad how poor attendance is in nevada. there's no place greater people!

2014 is starting off with a bang with porter and i'm excited to see how much of my new resolutions i can accomplish. so here's to the new year!
1- be a better wife to justin and be a better listener
2- get back into shape QUICKLY by drinking NO SODA for 2014 [slurpees do not count of course, but i'm limiting those too], starting to run again, join the gym come summer [once porter is big enough for the day care], and cutting back on sugars.
3- continue to work on family history and make it a habit
4- make my children's need priority number 1- and not my naps/online time
5- do better about fhe, family scripture study and family prayers
6- breastfeed for as long as i possibly can but not be too hard on myself if it doesn't work out
7- write in my journal and my children's journals at least once a month so i don't forget these important times
8- go on a big and fun family vacation
9- get 100% visiting teaching every month
10 - be a better friend- call first, write emails, send birthday cards, remember special events and listen- and stop gossiping!

i set the bar incredibly high last year by actually achieving some of my resolutions so..... let's hope i can do at least half as well. happy new year folks!
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KinderTeach said...

You are amazing baby sister.

Kari said...

Wohoo! Way to keep your resolutions! And I hope you have a Happy New Year :) I'm excited to read all about baby Porter and glad that you have exciting times ahead.

Caitlin said...

I think it is so awesome you attended the temple once a month last year! Go you!! Happy New year! Can't wait to meet Porter!

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