Wednesday, January 30, 2013

workout wednesday: back in the gym

sweet cravings = the worst

BL or before landon, i really didn't have that much of a sweet tooth. of course i enjoyed snacks but i'd much rather eat a whole bag of lays then a whole bag of hershey kisses. then came the baby and my taste buds took a 180. i can't get enough- after every meal [except breakfast] and every snack i just want to chow down on some chocolate or goodie of some sort. i just want to scarf it all- i even ate landon's stash of m&ms from his grandma. really, i am that pathetic. any suggestions on how you avoid sweets? or at least limit them?

anyways that's not the point of this post- it's to document my first time back in the gym.... since.... right after justin got home from his mission. so late 2007- it's 2013. not that i haven't worked out since then but still, quite depressing. i know some people HATE the gym but i love love LOVE the gym. just love. thankfully carson's gyms are incredibly affordable! so i dropped off my little peanut in the kids club and got my fitness on.

30 minutes on the treadmill
30 minutes doing arms
10 minutes on the stairmaster
10 minutes on abs & cool down

now some things i forgot about the gym: i HATE [some things] about the treadmill. i hate how sometimes they skip, i hate how you can't go your pace, i hate how my nike+ app doesn't work with it, i hate how you compare yourself to the people running next to you, i hate how the feel of the bars [sticky with people's sweat]. seriously, i went maybe a quarter of a mile and i was over it. i didn't go my best, which is surprising because i thought i hated running outside. i forgot how self-conscious you can be in front of strangers, wondering if they're judging you by your form, what size of weights you use or if you don't wipe down the barbells. but the worst, i forgot about the mirrors.

granted, i love looking at myself. who doesn't? it's nice pretending i'm skinnier then i am when my arms are up, my shirt is draped so my rolls don't show and my back is arched. then i hit the class room and stretched it out- and noticed my butt was completely sweatified and it SHOWED. like nnnaaassstttyyy. like i was embarrassed even walking OUT of the gym. out of all my gym embarrassing moments [because there have been a few], i'd consider it a top 5. but lets be honest, it's going to happen over and over again. let's hear it for butt sweat!!

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Caitlin said...

There should be a way your Nike-Ap works on the treadmill. Mine did. i had to switch it from outdoor running to indoor. (lip twitch).

Also, as horrible as butt sweat is, at least you know you worked hard right?

Kari said...

That's a good work out! I thought I hated gyms but then my husband got me a membership for Christmas and now I love, love, LOVE them now too. Especially the child care part that came with it. Yes especially the child care. I think I go to the gym just for that. Maybe.

ps. don't be embarrassed by bum sweat. If I saw that on someone I wouldn't think gross, I would think DANG they worked hard!

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