Wednesday, June 14, 2017

this week: summer edition

this week

i started my summer camp.

i stopped taking [daily] naps. for the good...ish

i'm going off my crazy pills and i'm feeling a little crazy

justin and i are getting pedicures together

we're loading up 3 kiddos, 6 grown ups, and 2 dogs and hitting the road

we'll be celebrating two of the greatest guys i know in sunny california

i'll be mere feet away from the sandy beach

animals will run in fear from the harrison hoard

legos will be constructed on land and water

i'll become a california raisin after all the vitamin d i'll get

i cannot wait
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

sedona: park city with cacti

well it finally happened - my best friend got married!

kayla and i have been friends since the dawn of time. we met playing peewee soccer and played on the same team for years. she moved to my school in the 4th grade and the rest is history! we have always been very similar - and thus fought A LOT! we compete over everything and did almost everything together. we shared boyfriends, played on the same lacrosse and soccer teams, were in the same choirs, in the same classes at school; there is almost nothing we did without the other [except that time she played basketball like weirdo]. most of my childhood school memories involve kayla. we had always said that we would be each other's maid of honors and now it was my turn.
just like old times

i threw her her bachelorette and bridal shower at the end of last year and the wedding weekend finally came. we weren't sure if we would have to bring the kids with us or not but thankfully it all worked out in the end that justin and i could go solo. thank goodness because fancy weddings are no places for kids! especially when the mom is MIA most of the weekend.

we drove out to sedona thursday afternoon and barely got in town in time for the rehearsal dinner. we had to drive through flagstaff and hit a snowstorm. as i was driving in my flip flops and sandals, i was very worried that i hadn't properly packed for this trip. thankfully once we got in sedona it was lightly raining and cleared up in time for the wedding. dinner that night was at a yummy mexican restaurant with some delicious churros. justin and i were able to have a great night together hot tubbing and staying up late watching HGTV.

friday morning i slept in until 9am [the luxery!]. that whole day i spent at kayla's room with the other bridesmaids. this being my first [and last] time as a legit bridesmaid, i wasn't fully prepared for what i was supposed to do but it was fun. we spent a lot of time getting ready, taking pictures, and helping kayla. justin spent the whole day in a hotel bed chilling out which he desperately needed. once we were all ready, i helped kayla and zack take their bridals up in the hills. gorgeous! but i was not prepared for a hike. i don't know how kayla did it in a wedding dress! then we went back, got the bridal party and then did another little hike to take pictures all together.

i should mention that i had the hardest time finding a bridesmaids dress. the ones at david's bridal were not modest at all. thankfully justin's old coworker is a fantastic seamstress and makes her own clothes all the time. she made me my dress which i love!

the actual ceremony was gorgeous. it was perfect weather and kayla looked stunning. the reception was so much fun too. she had an awesome smores bar, dancing, and the best trail mix i've ever had. and like all the best parties i've ever been to, we left before 10pm*. success!
didn't miss us at all at chuckee cheese

the next day was not quite as wonderful since we had to leave town. we decided that we'd try to squeeze in a hike and left later that morning. well if you know hiking, you don't leave later in the morning. we got incredibly lost trying to find the spot and once we found it, all of the parking spots were no where in sight. like we would have had to park two miles away on an inaccessible. i don't HIKE before my HIKE, ya know what i mean?? honestly though we couldn't have even done that because they didn't allow pedestrians on that road. bummer center. either way, we enjoyed most of a saturday kids free!

once we got home, the kids smothered us with love. we spent our day playing outside and enjoying some prime family time. i don't really have a desire to go back there ever again. it was gorgeous and all but vacations aren't vacations unless they involve a beach and a slurpee.

*her dad's truck had broken down and needed a ride that day
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Friday, April 7, 2017

kid update: landon can read!

age: 5 1/2

poundage: too heavy to go on my piggy back rides but light enough for horsey rides...barely

at STEAM club
what landon can do: read! and he reads pretty well. we've soared through a few BOB book sets and he can even read some normal, longer books from the library. i was so proud when he read "go dog go" all by himself in one sitting. that book is long! he really loves books and his favorite day is library day- when i bring home books i picked out for him from the library [sadly his school doesn't have one but we go enough that that was not a big deal for me]. he loves going to STEAM club at the library weekly and is my future engineer. he can brush his teeth and wipe his booty...but not enough that it can go unsupervised. he can now use a tablet and remote basically by himself. he's still not very proficient and i'm very proud of that!  he is pretty amazing at soccer and i can accurately tell you that he is our best player. he's aggressive, fast, and does well on offense and defense. he's also doing very well at school. behaviorally, he's always doing great. his work is usually done accurately and quickly. i've got zero school complaints. and he likes writing letters to people...but only if they promise to send him a $1 back. he has got a memory like an elephant! for reals, he'll wake up and instantly remind me what we were talking about before. he'll remind me of promises made eons ago or ideas mentioned. that's turned out to be pretty terrible because sometimes adults around him make empty promises or plant ideas that they never plan on fulfilling. he's a persistent little dude.

he thought i wouldn't recognize him
with his "hair done"
what landon loves: he loves loves loves legos and usually will choose to do that over anything else. except when he wants to play nerf guns. he is so helpful and a wonderful big brother...except when he teases them. his new obsession is nexo knight legos and also ninjago legos. he's got the entrepreneurial spirit in him and is always looking for ways to earn money. he doesn't always do a good job at chores but he tries. he loves crepes and he likes treats well enough but never overindulgence and often leaves some leftover. he loves playing with his boy friends and playing make believe, although the costumes have fallen a bit by the wayside. he loves playing games or doing activities one on one with me or justin [i'm still his favorite]. he loves sundays because he gets to play on daddy's tablet for an hour. landon loves being read to and just talking one on one. he's not the best singer but he loves music.

what landon hates: eggs [like me] so i don't force it. he is pretty much a wonderful eater and will eat even the worst meals [to him] enough to get a treat/be done. he doesn't enjoy being at home too long or doing laundry. he hates the dentist and acts like a baby there. so much so it surprises me. landon is really a terrific kid who is obedient, helpful, and funny. so on those rare occasions when he throws a fit or does something so uncharacteristic [or fitting for a 5 year old] i am flabbergasted. he really is an awesome first child.

what we're working on: taking off his training wheels, learning how to tie his shoes, wiping unassisted, handwriting [although he is above the curve in his classroom], reading, and not teasing his brothers. but let's face it; that's justin's favorite past time so it's inevitable that it gets passed on.

what we're looking forward to: spring break in arizona, visiting legoland water park with daddy once carson is done, summer swim lessons, his nexo knight birthday party, summer camp with mommy, and not going to school all day.
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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

a new purpose

dear blog,

i'm sorrry i've neglected you. it's been a month - over a month actually. how in the world have i let my most prized possession go to the wayside? well, a combination of things really.

my husband is gone. all the time. and when he is home, it's harder in different ways. this time, session has been harder on him [whereas last session i was the one hobbling along] and porter especially. he is such a daddy's boy and justin is such a porter's boy. still though, a missing husband means i've taken up more duties while justin has to work more hours. it's not fair on either one of us but it's how it is. you know how when you lie in bed at night, you can just talk to your spouse about any and everything that crosses your mind and you feel 100% connected? we have the opposite of that. facetiming a few minutes at the end of long, stressful days for both of us has taken a toll on our relationship and our family. only a few more months to go! you'd think after years of being together and so much time spent apart, we'd know how to do a long distance relationship but sadly, no. it's still the worst thing in the world.

and then there's my depression. i've had good days, better days, and then some terrible no good days. i'm on some new drugs that help me in some ways and i'm grateful for that. thankfully i've had more and more good days lately. that's another reason why i've been MIA - a good reason.

i have found a purpose. i know, how crazy does that sound? i love being a mother. it is MY purpose. it's why i wake up and when i'm not doing it, i am missing it all. still though, i need more. i've wanted more but had no idea what. i've thought of things, pondered and prayed, searched and researched; still nothing. then in a moment of need, an idea came to me.

that seed was planted and it grew. then i got excited and started looking into it. and then i found myself excited and planning. i talked to some people and they encouraged me. i made plans. i talked to my husband. i made up a flyer and it was done.

i'm running a summer camp. and then i'm teaching preschool. well... i hope to at least.

i recently started coaching landon's soccer team. i've coached several times in the past and i realized that is when i am the happiest. i love coaching! that's why i chose to study exercise science in college. i have always wanted to coach and now i was doing it. and i'll get a whopping $40 for the whole 4 months. yipee! i couldn't figure out how i could make money coaching and stay at home with my kids. then my favorite summer preschool teacher got pregnant and couldn't teach the summer. i thought of doing a co-op with friends but honestly, i don't trust people to do it at the caliber i'd do it at [snotty much??]. that's when it hit me. i could do a summer camp. i could make money doing it. i could teach preschool. i could do it for several years and still be there for my kids.

i've always loved teaching my kids. it's something i've got a natural talent for. i've never been a huge fan of kids though. honestly the thought of babysitting for people makes me anxious and very depressed. but i constantly offer to do it for my friends and once i get through it, i realize it's not as bad as i thought. but i love my kids. so so much. and coaching kids? i love that! teaching kids in primary? so much fun! babysitting? no way jose! i honestly can't see the difference between it all but that's how it is.

i'm terrified. not that i can't do it. i KNOW i can do it. and i KNOW i can do it well. but i don't have a teaching degree. i don't have a license. i don't have grass. how am i going to do this? thankfully i have an amazing kindergarten teacher who is a wonderful resource and huge help. i have a mother who taught for years and is the greatest teacher i know. i've been given things and bought educational tools for years. i KNOW how to talk and teach kids. i KNOW how to do this. but what i don't have is confidence. what if people don't sign up? what if they don't think i'm worth the money? what if they are disappointed in how i teach? what if they want someone with actual teaching experience? what if i really can't cut it? and what in the world do i do with griffin?

answers are coming. answers will keep coming. i trust in heavenly father and i feel like this is what i should be doing right now. so i guess only time will tell. either i'll be successful or a major disappointment. either way, things will be learned and i'll be better for it.

but please, don't ask me to babysit. i'll say yes but secretly hate it.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

baby update: go go griffin-dor

poundage: 28ish... i really should weigh my kids and make this more accurate but i'm much too lazy.

teethage: 12 but he has some budding through, poor booger boy.

what the baby can say: mama, dada, ball, show [i know right? face palm], book, shoes, milk, water.

what griffin loves: his mama! he's not quite as attached to me as he has been but i'm still #1 in his book. he loves milk, raisins/craisins, books, balls, little legos [even though he's not supposed to play with these, he is CONSTANTLY trying to get at them]. climbing onto high structures [esp tables], being outside, treats. he loves to steal our PVC pipe sliding door jam. like constantly trying to grab at it. he loves froggy [our gym grandma] and mema. he loves playing with his brothers and mimicking what they're doing. he LOVES the bath and loves laying on his tummy. his blankies- he'll carry around ALL or none of them. and he has like 5 in his bed right now.

what griffin hates: brushing his teeth, missing out on the fun, waiting his turn, not seeing up high, not sitting at the counter, not getting picked up.

what griffin can do: climb, play with other kids, clean up, starting to hold a crayon and color on things. he can feed himself pretty well. he can run and climb on the playground by himself [with a hovering mom]. he goes to nursery [a perk of having a mom in the presidency who knows when there's a change of regime who wouldn't notice a 16 month old...] and does awesome at it. i think going to the kids gym since he was 2 1/2 months old helped a lot. poor griffin. he can play duck duck goose, go grab his shoes, or other things. he's starting to identify and respond to instruction which is fun.

what we're working on: listening, playing well with his brothers, words. he's not too interested in baby sign or maybe i just wasn't as diligent in teaching it as i was before.

what we're looking forward to: i guess it should be nursery but that one is covered... grandma shell coming into town. going to arizona and meeting our new niece.

he recently had a bad bout of ditherer which was so disgusting. one night he pooped in the bathtub. twice. i even got it on camera. although he can be quite a stinker, he is totally my favorite right now. he loves to mimic his brother [chasing them, growling/screaming like they do, wrestling]. he is so cute and funny. it makes me so sad because i missed this time in porter's life because i was 9 months pregnant and then had a newborn. explains a lot about how porter is. either way, i love griffin and i'm loving this stage in his life right now. griffi-bear, you are my sweet little baby bear! go go griffindor!

*and for some reason he thinks undies go on heads. i can't figure out why but i completely support it.
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Thursday, February 16, 2017

what i want out of life

it's been a while since i've written just to write. believe me, i've had ideas. usually after 10:30pm when i'm laying in bed, i'll be thinking over my day and map out a post that i think people would like to read and i would like to write. and then i drift off into neverland until my middle child [who chronically smells like pee] climbs into bed and makes my right arm go numb from snuggling. #momproblems

a few days ago i celebrated galentine's day with my girlfriends. ladies celebrating ladies over [dessert] breakfast. we were tasked to share the story of one lady from history that did something amazing. a fashion designer, queen, prophet's wife, YW president, and first lady were discussed. during these conversations, one friend brought up the idea of writing one's own eulogy to figure out what you want to accomplish in life. to help you map out your goals and figure out what's the most important. she felt haunted by her lack of formal education until she realized that's not what she wanted to be known for. living a life of service was more important and needful for her situation. and let me tell you, she is doing that.

the next day, that same friend [who despite her lack of a degree is one of the most fascinating people to talk to. she thoroughly enjoys listening to TED talks or reading non-fiction. esp cleaning books but that part is annoying] sent me a talk she had seen floating around on facebook a while back ago. it's called 'keeping life's demands in balance' by m. russell ballard. in it, he talks about doing the important things and offers up some suggestions. he mentions the story of alma the younger. after having seen thousands of lamanites killed in battle, without knowing the gospel, he laments that he cannot be angel and speak the word of God like a trumpet [aka missionary work but in ultra high def]. he longed to be more then what he was. he wanted to go and do one thing but that wasn't in the plan. he says 'why should i desire more than to perform the work to which i have been called?" [alma 29:6]

like most women, i am constantly asking myself "am i enough?". i worry that i'm not doing this right and i'm never going to be like so-and-so. growing up i wanted to sing. and ride in the rodeo. and be a soccer star. and own 7-11s [some dreams never change]. i never quite figured out what i wanted to do professionally but i knew i wanted to be a mom. and here i am, a mom, and i still feel unsettled. but why? i'm living my dream, i'm doing what i'm meant to be doing but why am i questioning my worth? i'm not saying i'm done dreaming or accomplishing. one day i WILL figure out what i want to do and i do want to work again. but my #1 job right now is mom. some famous dead person i don't care about said that the worst thing you can do is get what you want. or something like that.

so here's my eugoogaly.

melissa michelle harrison [zobrist] died tragically saturday afternoon when a slurpee machine fell on top of her. heroically, she pushed little kids out of the way of the fall [while others reported she had cut in line]*. melissa was 82 years old and is survived by her four sons; landon of new york city, porter of his mother's basement, griffin of california, and jack of all trades. she is now happily reunited with her sweetheart of over a million years, justin, who tragically died at the age of 45 from an antelope stamped in the african safari with the love of his life, steven**. melissa lived a full life and accomplished much in her years on this earth. known for her love of music, she successfully taught her sons to sing and play the piano mediocrely. she loved reading young adult fiction, even though she was an old grandma; she still kicked it. she actively participated in her local YMCA fitness classes, even leading a group of widows on a mountain hike. melissa served in many positions during her membership of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints. she was basically happy whenever she could boss people around and make her ideas the best ideas. tragically, melissa never did get grass in her front yard and will now be haunting her place of residence for the many years to come. in leiu of flowers, melissa requested that everyone mourn her for seven days while wearing all pink, taking long baths, and drinking a coke slurpee.

*other way i can conceivably see myself dying
1- diabetes from slurpees
2- baking accident from using too much baking powder
3- a monster lurking under my bed at night

**other ways that i can conceivably see justin dying
1- diabetes from fruit snacks
2- car accident while driving home from church on a fast sunday
3- heart attack from screaming at the kids to stop climbing on his couches

ok that was hilarious, am i right?? honestly, the article my friend mentioned to me didn't say to specifically write down a eulogy but just imagine what you'd want people to say/remember about you if you died today.

things i'd want people to say
- wow, that melissa sure knew how to party
- where's the slurpee machine? i heard there would be a slurpee machine here
- melissa was so pretty. and had the best rack.
- remember when melissa saved all those cats from the kitty pound? she was the mother teresa of felines
- how did she manage to dye her temple clothes pink? and where did all this glitter come from?

things i don't want people to say
- remember that time melissa peed in the bathroom sink? [i was a little kid!]
- wow, she was kind of selfish wasn't she?
- i knew one person couldn't eat that much sugar without consequences
- melissa was one gossipy gossiper. and have i told you her boobs weren't even real?
- even at melissa's last party, she didn't have enough forks. get it together or don't even try.

ok ok, i'm done. let's get serious. i want people to say i was kind. thoughtful. that i only had nice things to say about people [this one is seriously going to the biggest hurdle for me]. i want to be known for teaching my boys church songs. i want to have taught them the scriptures, how to love the temple, and to send them off to be honorable missionaries and come home to be loving and hardworking fathers. i want to serve in the temple and really, really understand it. i want to write and to be read. i want to laugh and be active and healthy. i want to eat and not be fat. i want to love justin better then anyone has ever loved someone before. i want to be well-read in church literature. i want to have a job and make money. i want to create things and throw parties for my friends. i want to have many friends and be surrounded by so many people. i want to travel- not super far or anywhere exotic. must speak english and have french fries. i want to be someone people come to for advice, someone people trust. i want to be the person who sends cards and gifts spontaneously. i want to live by the spirit and help people in need. i want to babysit my grandkids and spoil them rotten. i want to skinny dip at night and see all the beauty the world has to offer. i want to pray as long as my granddad hurst did and really mean it. i want to freely give hugs out as often as i give out cookies. and i want to go to hawaii. i want to live by my sisters and get old and cantankerous together. i want to learn how to forgive and forget. i want to be someone that gives and helps. i want to serve a mission and finally learn how to really do family history. i want to grow old with justin and still see that handsome sailor when i look at his wrinkly old face.

is that too much? well, considering i'm considered middle age by now, i better get to crack-a-lacking.
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Thursday, January 26, 2017

lego my eggo

i've had several people ask me about legoland- what i'd recommend and what worked for us. not that i needed some incentive to blog about our trip but i sure feel like a celebrity with some inside knowledge. having been to legoland for two whole days, i'm basically an expert.

we've wanted to go to legoland for a while but wanted to wait until our boys were older. since justin was going to carson city, we knew we wanted to go on a family vacation somewhere and had planted a bug in our father in law's ear that we were saving up to go. well, my father in law is quite generous and loves to surprise us and he sure did! he found season passes at costco for $100! what a steal. as luck would have it, legoland's slow time is the first of january so we planned a trip, complete with a lowest-price of the year stay at the legoland hotel. note, in the summer it averages $450/night. we paid $150 + $30 resort fee/taxes. kind of steep for a hotel but it was a once in a year splurge and it ended up being so worth it.

the legoland hotel is so close to the theme park's entrance; like ridiculously close. the park itself is weirdly located in a residential area and not close off the freeway. i didn't really see any hotels nearby so staying so nearby the park was nice, considering the weather was predicted to be raining cats and dogs the days we were there. during the off-season, legoland is closed tuesday-thursday. we decided to stay sunday-tuesday; go to the park two days and the seaquarium/swim tuesday before we left. that helped keep our hotel cost lost. the park is about 5 hours away so we left sunday morning about 5am while it was pouring. i was quite anxious driving [well, sitting shot gun] through all the rain and sometimes snow. thankfully the kids slept until barstow; where griffin threw up milk before we stopped for breakfast. after cleaning up the kids and enduring several hours of screaming fits of who gets to hold the ipad, we finally made it.

the hotel held our luggage and actually had a room available several hours before check in. the legoland hotel itself is quite kid friendly. in the lobby there's a lego pit for the kids to play in while parent's check in. then there's a huge indoor pirate ship and legos near the cafe for kids to play inside. that's also where they host several night activities like lego building competition, storytimes, etc. they offer two restaurants; BRICKS, a buffet style restaurant [where they host a free breakfast each morning. super delicious and a wide variety] and skyline restaurant which was actually super yummy and had some cool lego sculptures/figurines. we chose a pirate themed room. the boys had a bunk bed in their own room and we set up griffin's pack and play in there. not only did they have their own TV but our room also had a treasure chest. after doing a hotel scavenger hunt for the combination, they opened the chest to find their own lego mixel packets and some chocolate coins. every night we were there. they also had a box of legos to play with in our rooms, plus free juice boxes/waterbottles for us. honestly, i felt like $180 a night for all these amenities was a steal. $450/night? not so much. oh- i didn't mention the best part of the hotel. the elevator turns into a disco party once the door closes. that was so fun! we briefly swam in the pool which was nice and heated. since the park closes at 5pm, it would be nice to go for a dip before dinner [assuming it's not pouring rain like it was for us].

legoland itself is not disneyland so don't expect it to. they don't move people through the rides as quickly, things are not as coordinated as well, and the desserts are severely subpar. still, it was better then disneyland in some ways. landon is 5 and could ride every single ride. that says a lot right there. the rides aren't made for adults and there aren't adults walking around there without kids. that by itself makes it less populated. porter, at 3, could only do half the rides [with an adult] and griffin couldn't do as many rides as he could have at disneyland. another great thing about legoland is that they have alternative activities near the big kid rides for the younger kids to do while they wait. like a sandpit, enclosed ball area or jungle gym. they also have waiting areas with legos in the lines for kids themselves- all enclosed. that was genius right there. there are a ton of lego figurines to look at but we didn't spend much time on that, or the several carnival games. my boy's favorite areas were ninjago ride [griffin could go on] and costersaurus roller coaster [porter could go on with an adult]. other favorites include: the 4D movies [lego movie spin-off and nexo-knights. they also have a friends one but sadly my boys weren't interested in that], the characters [not as plentiful as disneyland but a good amount], and the race car track [where landon won 1st place!].

our time there was seriously so much fun. because of the predicted storms, the crowds were away. it would sprinkle off and on but it was pretty clear. there were just two times we had to head inside to avoid the rain but even then, it wasn't that bad. legoland has a surprisingly amount of inside activities, more so then disneyland. probably because it focuses more on construction. movies, race car building, game stations, lego factory tour, build your own figurine, etc. that worked out for us but i think in the summertime when it's more crowded, it would be hard to get into those places. with the crowd level almost non-existent, we rode every single ride several times. in fact, on the coastersaurus we rode it 10 times in a row. without stopping. can't get better then that! plus no line for characters. the souvenirs are crazy expensive of course. i bought a legoman flashlight at christmastime for $10; $15 at the park. i bought some sets on clearance at target beforehand and got some shirts from walmart for $1. so definitely prepare.

i wish we could have checked out the water feature rides or the water park but it's the price we paid for going when we go was worth it. we'll definitely be going back in the warmer months so let me know whose going with me!

we went to the aquarium the last day at the last few hours of the day. it didn't take longer then an hour. it's small but nice. there's a fun passport activity that allows kids to get a fun headband at the end. there's a touching pool that my kids were too scared to do.

a couple of tips: 

legoland doesn't allow for outside food. not that disneyland does but i felt more comfortable sneaking in food there. there's just not empty tables in secluded places to eat at. i still brought in several snacks and lunchables. that held us over until dinner + snacks inside the park. [apple fries = not worth the hype. same with nutella rice krispies. i do wish i would have tried the chocolate dip and churros]. that being said, they didn't scour my bags when they did security checks so you really can.

although under 3 get in free, i wouldn't go until at least two of your kids are over 3. that plus the height requirement is needed for some rides. babies going to disneyland for free which is a score because they can still go on a lot but not so much at legoland.

you really need two adults if you have little or more then one kids. i don't think i could take landon and porter by myself, just because of the logistics of rides. landon couldn't go on many without an adult.

bring some figurines to trade with park employees. they have way better ones with cool accessories. you can trade it as many times as you want!

ask for badges on rides/attractions. they're free and fun souvenirs! we got some at the aquarium, ninjago, and carousel, to name a few.

legoland does rider swap just like disneyland does for parents with small children.

download the legoland app for deals on merchandise and food when you're within the park.

at disneyland, the professional photographers will scan your card and save all your character/ride pictures in one place that you can look at online after. legoland has wristbands that you can't access after you leave the park so make sure you look before you leave. i kind of regret not doing this.

go with extremely low expectations and just do as much as you can! then you can be pleasantly surprised.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

porter's 3rd birthday interview

name: david harrison
age: 3
weight: i don't know
favorite color: yellow
favorite movie: i don't know, i just... santa claus! i like that movie 
* he doesn't watch too many movies. it just too hard to sit still that long
favorite food: french fries and ketchup
best friend: daddy
favorite tv show: little einsteins*animal mechanical he just discovered. and he laughs hysterically while he watches it. that or jake are faovrites.
favorite book: fireman 
favorite place to visit: grandma
favorite thing to do with mommy: make the cake
favorite animal: pig. what's that animal doing at our house? that's a crazy animal! he's a farmer!
when i grow up, i'm going to be: be tall
favorite drink: juice. apple juice

* i was surprised at how quickly he responded this way! i would say cereal or nuggets or apple sauce
*he doesn't really HAVE friends yet. if i had to pick i would say kevin or ryan
*what he is currently have me read back to back. he will love on one book for a couples day then move on to another.
favorite toy: helicopter 
*note: porter kept asking us what our favorite colors are. then asking the other people, telling them what their favorite color is, then asking again. he doesn't really have a favorite toy but he does play pretty independently.
*would say mcdonald's or the gym
favorite thing to do with daddy: cut the wood
*eat treats. they have a shared love of that
*he does like helping me cook
favorite sport: soccer
*he doesn't really like sports. he's more of a music man
favorite person: daddy
favorite song: the poo poo song 
*we made it up as a family and it's a huge hit
**he sings all the time. he'll often sing songs we heard once days ago from storytime. he loves to sing!
what are you really good at: 
*he starts singing "mommy wants a bag of poo poo!" smell my feet mommy!
*he is a great snuggler! he is very sweet when he wants to be.
where do you want to go on vacation: legoland
what would you do if you had $1,000: a dinosaur. a big dinosaur! he'd reach his arms up to the air and be tall. rarrrr!!
favorite flavor of ice cream: chocolate with chocolate milk and chocolate ice cream with sprinkle
favorite treat: orange candy canes. chocolate chips. i like all the chocolate chips!
*he loves chocolate over almost everything but he also likes gummies.
who is your hero: i don't know
favorite scripture story: i don't know
*he probobly doesn't know. he doesn't really listen at scripture time.
what do you want to do before your next birthday: be jake and the neverland pirates 
*what his current birthday party will be* mommy! smell my feet!
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Monday, January 16, 2017

threenager: pooh bear edition

age: 3

weight: heavy. too lazy to weigh

what porter loves: jake and the neverland pirates [why did you go off netflix?! whY!], cereal [especially cheerios], crackers, chips, basically anything unhealthy. he does love oatmeal [chocolate chip] but he'll also eat crown sugar.

what porter hates: running, sharing, being told what to do [really. i can't tell him a single thing. eat this, go pee now, anything]. he hates fruits and vegetables but in a very rare moon will eat them willingly [which is crazy because as a baby, he LOVED vegetables]. he hates sleeping in his own bed and will regularly climb in bed with us, which sucks because he's a very active sleeper. he isn't a fan of eating meals either- he loves to snack which i've heavily limited, but still, he's the same.

what porter can do: he can sing the ABCs and for some reason, w is his favorite letter. he's starting to scribble with crayons. porter knows his colors pretty well and we're working on shapes. he can throw and catch pretty well, considering he's not naturally athletic. running and following directions in sport's class is his least favorite thing. he likes to attempt to wipe his own booty and he is about 85% potty trained. he just pees a bit in his undies and doesn't care about it. and if i don't remind him, he won't go. like i said, he's hard headed. most days he goes without a nap now but he could still use one. if he does nap, he'll stay up until 11pm. he's inherited his dad's night owl characteristics.

what porter says: i hope i never forget how adorable his little voice sounds and how he pronounces words. he doesn't prounces s's when they're at the beginning of the word. 'nuggle. 'nacks. it's so cute but also scares me - i do NOT want to do speech. porter will be so sweet "mom you're my favorite" or "i'm going to keep you forever!". he'll also tell us we're the worst and that one of us needs a bag of poo-poo [a running family joke].

what we're working on: walking without falling, not peeing in his underwear, eating meals and fruits/vegetables.
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Thursday, January 5, 2017

life lately: xmas edition

merry christmas! we had a great holiday season but man, i am ready for it to be over! i'm ready for regular life to begin again. and by regular life, i mean school. i am so ready for school to be back in session. anywho, here's what we've been up to at christmas time. 

life lately has been joyful. we started off the season by visiting the magical forest at opportunity village. it's become a great family tradition and we love going. especially this year since all the kids could go on all the rides. we got to go see landon at school where he presented his puppet. it's been fireplace time. seriously, we have it burning almost every night. we love snuggling up and warming up near the fire. it's really one of the reasons why i love my house. and here's another gem from the magical forest- me and my boys in the cinderella carriage.
life has been lazy. justin will bring in our spare mattress sometimes in front of the TV and we love snuggling and sleeping on it. life has been delicious and full of cookies. my waistline sure is suffering because of it but man, i love cookie season. and apparently griffin does too.  we went to the annual ornament exchange and have a fun time with our family friends. we also decorated gingerbread houses with the irelands and ate way too much candy before dinner. mom win!
 lately i've been taking care of me. kayla and i went to a spa one afternoon and go massages. we spent a lot of time naked, going between freezing and burning temperatures. it was awesome. we visited santa at our church christmas party where landon stared at one of the wiseman. i am a proud mama! we watched a lot of christmas movies [some of us SLEPT through it] and built a snowman on our door.
life has been spending a lot of time at home. meghan got landon an awesome craft kit and books. he has been so excited to make crafts and do different things each day. we've built tents, done crafts, and fought. a lot of fighting.
christmas eve we spent at mema's house where the boys were spoiled as usual. she bought all of them a bike/ride! i didn't think santa would ever come to our house because porter was up past 11pm! we're saying goodbye to naptime. we had a great time christmas morning before church. landon got a nerf gun bow and arrow that he wanted. porter got a paw patrol steering wheel and griffin got a little people car ramp [along with other things]. christmas was extra special since it landed on a sunday.
christmas night we had dinner at grandpa dave's and had a fabulous time. the highlight there was....legoland season passes!! we cannot wait to go. griffin really understood how to open presents and was even a little overzealous. i just love christmas time with kids.
 the day after christmas, my sister anna came into town. we celebrated noah's birthday and had dinner with my brother. the kids got an awesome paw patrol game and slurpees!
lastly, life has been sweet. although i am MORE then ready for school to go back in session, it has been nice having a lot of down time. we've played robot turtles, gone on mommy dates, and watched too much tv. oh, and a project. TBA!

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 - the year my hopes & dreams died

ugh, i guess now i have to face the music that my 2016 resolutions didn't go exactly as planned. i should really set the bar lower. like, hopping height low. that was my problems- i expected too much of myself. it didn't help that 2016 was basically the worst year ever. so i'm rewriting 2016 resolutions and i feel pretty good about them.

1- keep the kids alive. all 3 of them.
2 - help stimulate the economy by keeping kirkland's diapers in business
3 - save gas and go to the temple whenever your mom is in town. except when you guys are busy having fun.
4 - have a better marriage then you did at the beginning of 2016, even with the obvious absence of dates or couple home evening.
5 - run on the treadmill when you go to the gym, unless you're really tired, then you can go medium speed on the gazelle while you watch kimmel clips.
6 - listen to music daily. some of that can be piano music.
7 - try to do your mom's interview until life gets too hard. then just talk to her on the phone.
8 - read your own scriptures and try to read them with your kids. and give yourself a break.

sounds good right?

2016 started off with a tree falling on my house - literally. on my anniversary. that just kind of set the tone of the year. lots of awesome things happened too but it's kind of fun jumping on the 'hate 2016' bandwagon. there's just been a lot of car issues, medical issues, surgeries, setbacks, unmet expectations, and disappointments. that's life right? 2017 is going to be the year of melissa though! i can feel it! 2017 i'm getting back to basics


i'm going to eat better. i'm going to pray better. i'm going to love more. i'm going to read my scriptures, go to the temple; make my spirituality a priority. i'm going to eat better, eat less, and make some healthy body changes. i'm going to love myself, love my family, love my friends. i'm going to criticize less, be more forgiving, and love life.

and i really want to learn to write in calligraphy. STAY TUNED!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

harrison christmas letter 2016

*excuse the proper capitalization. it was very painful to write.

2016 will go down in the book as THE WORST YEAR EVER! Just kidding... kind of. It was one of growing pains and lots of poopy pants.

Landon (5) started kindergarten at an arts focused charter school this year. We were really worried about him being the youngest in his class but he has really excelled. He is already starting to read and enjoys building/creating (our future engineer!). His favorite things include recess, lunch, theatre, and music. He is still playing baseball and loves being with friends. During the summer, Landon learned how to swim and is currently working on riding a bike without training wheels.

Porter (2) continues to be our sour patch kid! He has taken his job as the middle child quite seriously and makes it a point to make mommy work hard for her money. He loves going to storytime and music. Porter has started to take some mommy and me classes at the community center and is working on having a better attitude. He loves to learn, knows most of his colors, the alphabet song and counting. His favorite color is yellow and loves to eat treats. Potty training has proven to be the worst thing ever but we are hoping that we can be diaper-free for him by 2020.

Griffin (16 months) is a baby no longer. He is walking, climbing, and getting into everything. He loves to be outside and climb on the jungle gym. He also loves dog kisses, wandering off by himself, and balls. He is often neglected and loves attention from anyone. He most recently learned how to blow kisses, dance, and fold his arms to pray.

Melissa continues to serve as the main pooper picker upper and ch
ef to uneaten meals in the Harrison household. She is currently serving in the Primary, working with the Cub Scouts. This year she threw over a dozen parties, including her big Harry Potter 30th birthday. She enjoys long baths (alone), going to the gym (alone), and eating treats (alone).

Justin is still working for the Chamber of Commerce and is looking forward to going to Carson City for 5 months (alone). He recently went on a trip to Peru with his best friend (not Melissa) and surprisingly decided to come back. He is currently serving in Young Mens. He  doesn't enjoy people, places, or things. He most recently built us a gigantic dining room table but that's not an invitation for anyone to come visit.

Some notable events: Justin took the two big boys on their first camping trip to the Valley of fire. Justin & Melissa saw George Straight and Garth Brooks in concert. They also painted 85% of the walls in the house. Justin & Melissa escaped parenthood and enjoyed several days of sleeping in and eating warm food in sunny Florida. Justin took the big boys to their first UNLV football game and instantly regretted it.

Farewell 2016! We will not miss you at all.
The Harrisons

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