Friday, February 1, 2013

my winter favorite things

puppy hats on landon with cute doggie ear flaps
he's finally accepted that anytime we go outside he has to wear a hat = adorbs

blankets galore that get covered in boogers & food
this is from vegas but believe me, they are everywhere here too

chapstick [non-flavored]

indoor playgrounds & gymnasiums for kids
his favorite thing at the museum

soups, stews & warm bread

socks & spiderman slippers [that annoy him beyond compare]

peacoats, boots & scarves- i love me some scarves.

being the only one in 7-11 buying a slurpee with it blizzarding outside
hostess and slurpees... a winning combination. and i am kind of like a grumpy old man

seat warmers [how did my tush live before tush warmers?!]

hulu plus and all my favorite shows, including many season/series finales [tina, i'll miss you]

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Caitlin said...

I too am going to miss Tina Fey. I love 30 Rock!

Kari said...

Ammon has those same spiderman slippers! Except he loves his :)

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