Monday, January 28, 2013

life lately: what we did and what we've been doing

man i really need to get better and posting things when they actually happen. oh well, tis life. here's some life lately and some life as it was. 
 life was stacking boxes around our house and landon having so much fun climbing them. but then he'd fall and get stuck, laugh as i laughed at him then scream. here's the scream. life was hitting my highest score on words with friends and wondering if anybody [other then my mom] doesn't routinely cheat. life was coming home from church and only buckling the top part [we live not even 2 blocks away on a non-crowded street- don't judge me] and landon threw a MONSTER fit that made him slide down. it was a rough day with no naps due to changing church times.

life was wearing his toms for maybe 2 days and wishing i didn't keep forgetting to put his shoes out when they fit. it was getting a delicious sa-sa-sa after his 15 month shots. it was getting bitten on the neck [does anyone elses' kid have problems with biting? he doesn't always do it to be mean or for attention, just like a 3rd arm or when he wants to cuddle me. HOW DO I STOP IT?!] and freaking out because it was getting twilight up in there. it was a late lunch date with my beautiful mom at costco and wishing she could come up to visit us. 

life was driving for HOURS and HOURS and HOURS to carson. it was hiding in the cabinets as mommy packed and justin picking up his wii golf clubs again and becoming addicted [aka hours and hours of practice just so he can beat steven].
life has been landon finally learning how to climb stairs but REFUSING to do it backwards. but he's only fallen once so i consider it a win.
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Caitlin said...

I love Landons screaming fall face! Hahahaha! And Abby used to climb down the stairs backwards, but now also refuses. She has fallen twice. Obviously without injury. Except to her pride. (because I may or may not have laughed...)

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