Wednesday, August 28, 2013

lynsey & skyler's wedding

friday we drove up to st george for lynsey's wedding. she was actually married in toquerville utah at a place called litchfield ponds [so pretty but in the middle of nowhere]. friday we had a quick lunch with the eveland family then we headed to the condo justin's dad rented to hang out. thankfully, being pregnant and having a child limits your ability to help set up tables in the blistering heat. instead we got pizza and groceries for the clan. justin's dad's uncle and aunt came into town all the way from pennsylvania for the wedding and landon LOVED jayne [he just called her james from thomas the train]. he also had tons of fun playing with lynsey and skyler's dog toquer [who is the cutest purse puppy ever. i don't like dogs but i love purse puppies!]. saturday morning we explored st george a bit and visited main street, including the tabernacle, water park, carousel and temple. 

 we lunched at chick-fil-a [which i have heard via fb is the most amazing place ever] and was highly disappointed. like ridiculous. how in the world is that place even good? it's no canes that's for sure.
 oops! no there was no tractor at the wedding. that's a picture from the night before the shower at grandpa dave's house. he just bought this tractor and landon was in love. lynsey was just gorgeous and was totally chill for a bride. i remember i was complete bridezilla the last few days - i literally have never met anyone more chill about their wedding.

 landon did pretty well during the wedding. granted, we had lots of fruit snacks, popcorn and snacks. he ran around all night asking to play with toquer [who was in the clubhouse] or asking for food/cake/juice. he also loved playing with unkie. by the end of the night, i was so exhausted. it was so hot [hence my ugly hair] and i was so tired. i could not leave fast enough.... well i did have to wait for the cutting of the cake. no way i'd say no to cake.
it was such a beautiful event and we had so much fun! i'm so happy for lynsey that she found such a great guy. it's nice having some non-harrison blood in the family!
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KinderTeach said...

Chick-fil-a is the kiss of death. It is the worst. I don't know if its because we were raised on "the good stuff" and that for sure isn't it.
Lynseys wedding looks amazing. Her dress was beautiful. I'm so glad her wedding turned out so great!

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