Friday, August 30, 2013

pregnancy update: it's a....

with landon - 18 wks
with lemon - 18 wks

19 [5 months]

poundage: about 12 lbs - that's been quite wonderful. i finally feel like i have a tummy sticking out but i could easily pass as just a fluffy gal whose proud of her gut.

how i'm sleeping: not so well. i've been having trouble falling asleep and waking up more often. i often toss and turn which makes me pull some muscles in my tummy which hurts like heck. i've also had a pinched nerve or something in my lower right back for a few weeks which is killing me. i've tried massages and a chiropractor and yoga but nothing is getting rid of it.

what i'm eating: a whole lot. i haven't had too many cravings but i'm not shying away from food either. thankfully i'm still working out so i'm cancelling out some of this weight gain with exercise but not much.

how we're preparing: we're slowly clearing out the spare room [and by slow, i mean snail pace] by selling/donating/organizing. that will be landon's new room so i'm also finding stuff for his big boy room [which will be his birthday present]. we're also reading some 'big brother' books with landon but he is in no way excited to share his mommy and daddy. in fact, he usually slyly and slowly 'kicks' the babies feet or will tell me 'no baby mommy! no hold baby!' hahah

what we're having: a BOY! i just knew it was a boy. i haven't been as sick as all my gfs with girls. plus i just had a feeling, but i just knew landon was a girl so my gut isn't always reliable. poor justin really wanted a girl so he could have a daddy's girl [bc landon is a gigantic mama's boy] so he was a little sad at the beginning but i think he's getting how awesome it will be. last night i just laid in bed hoping for another boy. my sister's two boys are just the cutest and just love each other so much. brothers have so much fun together and have a special relationship. next time i want a girl but this time, i'm so happy for another little boy.

during the ultrasound he was anything but cooperative. he just jumped and wiggled so much the tech barely could get images to get readings. so the pictures are pretty dismal so just live with this one.

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KinderTeach said...

Lemon needs to get bigger so that he can kick Landon back. Start the sibling rivalry in the womb like Nathan and I. :) Landon will love baby Lemon once he gets here.

Caitlin said...

Yay for brothers! I can't wait until your baby gets here. Two kids are easy. (says the mom who cries along when both girls are crying.)But seriously, it does take some getting used to, but it's also so much fun.

Kari said...

Two girls for Caitlin and two boys for you...I'd say your arranged marriages are working out nicely...haha j/k. Congrats on your next boy and I'm glad everything is progressing well :)

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