Monday, August 26, 2013

lyn's bridal shower: love is sweet

once again, i was lucky enough to host a bridal shower for my sister in law lynsey. i don't feel like i really did much with this one as i have in the past but it was fun none the less. lynsey and skyler met on a blind date through their two best friends who were dating [but aren't anymore]. they're both in houston and had to squeeze in all their wedding festivities within 2 days. like her brother, lyns is a huge candy fan so naturally her theme was 'love is sweet'. ali, her MOH, thankfully had just attended a shower with the same theme so all the decorations were recycled from there. score!
 it was a jack and jill shower so landon had to attend. the whole time we were setting up he kept sneaking candy and attempting to grab a cupcake. well after a million times of saying no, he finally snuck one behind my back and had blue evidence all over his cute face. its ridiculous how much sweets he had that night. it's ridiculous how much sweets i had. since boys were there, games were limited. i did these two hand-out games [he said, she said and how well do you know the couple] then one interactive game where we asked one a question and the other had to see if they were right or wrong [like the newlywed game but with bubblegum].

 justin and landon had so much fun swimming while the girls set up. aren't my boys just handsome?
 one of lynsey's bridemaids/old friends' mom made her a bouquet out of broches- it was gorgeous! and such a great idea to keep your bouquet lasting through the years.
landon loved all the attention the ladies gave him. the bottom right picture is a picture previewing our st george adventures. thursday was the shower, that night the girls/guys had their bachelor/bachelorette parties and friday we headed to st. george. wedding post next!
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Kari said...

your shirt is adorable!

Caitlin said...

You are the shower queen! You always have such great ideas. Next time I have to help plan one, I'm coming to you for ideas.

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