Tuesday, August 20, 2013

happy birthday bubs

today marks my littlest big sister's birthday - what are you, 28? so old. bubs is truly one of a kind - no one will annoy you more with indecisiveness or their overuse of the word 'babe'. growing up, i was always bigger then her. she was always the runt of the group and had to overcome some physical limitations due to her turner's syndrome, none more daunting then the steps into the tan van. while we all love to tease devin the most [because really, sometimes she just begs for it], she is by far the best out of all of us. not only has she adopted two babies who were exposed to alcohol/drugs in the womb [plus all the difficulties that brings with it] but she also adopted a little gir
l who has a sever shortening of her intestines that puts her in the hospital several times a week and takes her across the country for week-long surgeries. devin and her husband are so incredibly patient and caring. i don't know how they do all they do. whenever i hear of
people talking about selflessness in church, my mind jumps to devin. i'm so proud of all she does and who she's become, even if she can't pick a restaurant for the life of her.

so happy birthday little sister!
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KinderTeach said...

Bub is an amazing lady. Although she is indecisive not incisive. I could not go to Nebraska for a month, live out of hotel with an almost 2 year old while my almost 1 year old was in the hospital. She is an amazing woman for sure. And one that you NEVER want to get mad. She will RUN YOU DOWN!

Anna Campbell said...

She really is a great sister, friend, woman, wife, mother. Love you Dev!

And you forgot she ALWAYS has to have to last word!

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