Monday, August 12, 2013

life lately: the tough life of an almost 2 yr old

life has been making my own bbq sauce [courtesy of our best bites] and being completely disappointed- so much so i threw it all out. i think i should just keep using my mom's recipe because it is tried and trued- by her. but i think i could handle it. it's been captain choo choo coming to his mom's rescue. life has been helping daddy in the backyard and having the greatest of times.
 life has been a pit stop at heidi's for some sandwiches and cookies. poor grandma shell, she really misses these cookies. it's been landon having a lot of time outs on the wall- including this adorable snapshot i got when he did something naughty in the bathtub. it's been a visit to the springs preserve and a ride on the choo choo.
 life has been my tummy beginning to stick out and feeling as fat as can be. it's been landon stealing the vacuum and finally overcoming his fear of it. it's also been a quick ride on elmo at walmart [read: less then 30 seconds] before some pushy dad came up and somewhat kicked us off so his kid could have a turn.
 life has been tent nights with daddy, reading scriptures before bed. it's been landon achieving a huge step - by finally liking the water at the park. granted, he didn't really get in it but he was very happy for at least 4 minutes. it's been some more poop in the potty and a delicious beef dip from our best bites.
 life lately has been these creepy chickens haunting my dreams [he loves his chicken books]. it's been matching "hats" and landon feeding baby brother some strawberries. it's been landon attempting to pay for our groceries with my slurpee punch cards [mother of the year award goes to me]. and lastly, it's been a little boy loving his new action figures so much he can't spare a second away from him.
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Caitlin said...

You're showing!! Yay! So cute. Also, super cute Landon has to sleep with his action figures.

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