Monday, August 5, 2013

my time with da' bears

 last weekend justin & i went on a couplecation with the kroegels to big bear lake. justin's neighbors growing up have a cabin there that they let us stay in. i had never been to big bear before and it was gorgeous! only a little more then 3 hours away but man was it windy going up the mountain. landon stayed with his mema and had a wonderful time! it was the first time i've left landon alone without landon and believe me, it was hard. i missed my little boy so much! but as you can see he had a great time.
 friday when we got up to big bear we had a very disappointing lunch at a pizza place then went to the cabin and unpacked. we caught an early flick ['the wolverine' is amazing] because it was raining. afterwards we walked around the village and peeked into a few shops, which is where i found that creepy manequin. we got some delicious ice cream and mcdonalds to wrap up the night, followed by many movies and downtime at the cabin.
 saturday we woke up and headed to the grizzly for some breakfast. the wait was intense but the food was delicious and giant. afterwards we rented bikes and rode along the lake. it was so pretty and the weather was perfect- overcast and slightly warm. justin and i are not professional bikers at all so by the end we were quite tired but it was a blast! except i did get bitten by some bugs in my leg knee crevice. afterwards. we went home and napped the afternoon away.
 we woke up and headed to the lake and rented kayaks. sadly, i didn't get any pictures of this because i didn't want to chance dropping my iphone... because those stakes were pretty high. but it was gorgeous and so fun. after that we hit the alpine slide center where they had mini-golf, a giant slide, a tubing hill for snow and a slide! i've always wanted to hit the one up in park city so this was the next best thing- except of course i couldn't go. but i enjoyed watching people. afterwards we went to a nice mexican place for some dinner. after that we went bowling [where i killed it. really, i did. which is quite unbelievable bc i hate bowling and didn't want to go. what can i say? lady has skills]. afterwards we tried to get some ice cream but nothing was open! literally, NOTHING. and it was like 9pm on a saturday night.
sunday morning we woke up, got ready and packed up. we went to the village to try to get some breakfast but the wait was about 20-30 min which would have put us at lunchtime. so we just waited for this nice restaurant to open up and enjoyed a delicious lunch before we left town. the drive back to vegas always reminds us how we never want to go back to california. when we pulled up to teryls i jumped out of the car and ran inside. landon saw me, put him arms straight up in the arm and started jumping. it was the sweetest thing in the world, it made me cry. i just missed my baby so so much. and i'm so proud of him because he was pooped in the potty for mema. thus he got a slurpee as a reward.
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KinderTeach said...

You were lucky that I wasn't there. You know L would have been asking for me instead!!
Glad you enjoyed yourself

Caitlin said...

Sounds like you had so much fun! I especially am green over your bike ride. I love riding bikes and haven't for so long. Glad you were able to have a nice get away!

Kari said...

I too am jealous of your bike ride. And i remember the first time I left my kids. I enjoyed the freedom, but my heart hurt the whole time. It still happens when I leave them.

However, I'm glad you had a fun trip :) And how sweet was Landon when you picked him up!

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