Monday, July 29, 2013

life lately: slurpees & sickness

life has been a national holiday and landon's first very own slurpee [he's very into 'my own' or 'myself' meaning he wants to drink a slurpee himself or not share his applesauce with me. little mr. independent]. it's been a lot of playing outside in the dirt and a very very happy little boy [thank you monsoon season!]. it's been landon sneaking off to the couch to lay down and cuddle with his blankies and him finally enjoying his captain choo choo cape meghan made him. 
life has been singing at the piano- his favorites include the chicken song [the wise man and the foolish man], daddy song [i'm so glad when daddy comes home] and the choo choo song [do as i'm doing]. it's been my sister finding this gem of a shirt and hoping she makes it for me for lemon. and it's been absolutely no alone time at all.
 life has been a very sick little booger. first he got an eye infection that turned out to be strep so he got medication for that- days later the strep turned into a a horrible horrible rash. really, it's so bad, it just breaks my heart. his whole body has these horrible bumps. i took him back to the dr and he seemed to brush it off, not really diagnosing it. he just said it should clear up in a week. thankfully it doesn't hurt or itch him at all but it looks so painful.
 life lately has been uncle josh giving landon money for his very own slurpee. it's been a blue slurpee 'stache and a very cheesy-grinned boy. it's been finally finding a dress for lynsey's wedding in august and landon POOPING in the potty!!!
 life has been a lot of potty books being rented from the library, which lead to mommy buying him a potty and bribing him to sit on it with an oreo. then it was landon peeing on it 3x a day [and getting 2 M&Ms per pee] then finally pooping on it. i'm so proud of him! i'm not officially potty training it but just introducing him to it, making it fun. it's been honoring a fallen comrade [i bought justin a mtn dew/blue slurpee he didn't want then had to clean out my freezer. sniff sniff]. it's been a sleepy little sick boy. let's hope he feels better soon bc it's breaking my heart.

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Caitlin said...

That is so great Landon has peed and pooped on the potty! But poor little fella. Hope he gets better soon!

Kari said...

I'm so jealous about your success with his potty training. Ammon is so ready and I even got all his stuff out of storage, I just have had absolutely no time. Great job!

And I hope he's all better soon, the poor tyke!

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