Friday, July 26, 2013

rob thomas & me

this past weekend my gf stoner mcb came to visit! we had so much fun but man am i beat! *more on that later* stone is my concert/music friend. she is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to music and loves to jam outrooney, train, and keane [i think that's all?]  this is when she came to visit last summer [i didn't go with them to bite of lv bc i had landon]. we always have so much fun!
. i honestly don't know anyone who has gone to more concerts then her. we've previously gone to visit smashmouth,

she flew in friday and we hung out at home for a while, took landon to the library and went on a quick slurpee run [when landon insisted that he needed his own. that's his new thing- he needs his OWN treat, his OWN applesauce, his OWN ice cream. oh bother]. after a quick dinner at cafe rio we headed down to mandalay bay. i had previously seen keith urban there with justin years ago. it's a great venue, big and best of all, had seats [man i am old]. this weekend has been a wet one for vegas and it was thunderstorming all night. i heard others got rain but i have not seen a lick of it. some chick named kate earl opened up and she was a disappointment. goo goo dolls were next - they had previously come to suu but i didn't see them bc i didn't really have friends yet. they were amazing! great energy - lots of sweat. played a ton of their hits [which there are many]. by this time i was kinda feeling the old lady creeping in. i get super sick and b
loated at night so sitting in tight, warm quarters where i can't let my.... excess vapors escape [don't be gross, i'm talking about my burps.... sorta] - it all just got to me. they played for about an hour and a half. pretty great [and loud]. matchbox twenty was next and they played over an hour and a half. they were great too! they played more new stuff but still did their hits. man rob is one sweaty guy. like covered- and he has more bug eyes then you'd expect but he was awesome. but being honest, i was so sick at the end i was just counting down til we could go home [which wouldn't be until 1:30. with a 5:30 wake up time the next day with no nap in sight- that was rough].

saturday we dropped landon off at his mema's so we could have some girl time. we hit target for some clothes then i got a mani and stone got a pedi. i kept enviously staring at her bc it looked so amazing to have her feet rubbed... still green over it. after that we had lunch at buffalo wild wings [where i took 1st place in trivia!], picked up some shoes at payless then got the baby. that afternoon we went swimming at teryls with landon then went home for some chill time. i introduced stone to the magic known as 'pitch perfect', made some steak fajitias then rounded out the night at yogurtland. i was feeling sick so i took a bath and by the time i came out [8pm!] stone was in bed- hahaha i guess i wore her out too. we both got an early bedtime in and fell asleep listening to the monsoon outside our house.

sunday i made some delicious puffy french toast & bacon [ummmm.....bacon] then took her to the airport. kind of a lackluster trip but honestly, i am beat! i'm coming to realize i am not as young as i used to be - and i really don't want to be. sometimes i enviously look back on my college days and wish for that freedom/fun but really, i love my life now. i am the happiest i've ever been and i have been blessed so abundantly. landon is my life and i just love spending every second with him and justin. so i might not have as many concerts in my future but i'm so glad i've kept my good old friend stoner mcb.
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Caitlin said...

Sounds so much fun! It would have been so much fun to join you two, but I would have been even more old lady lame at the concert. So glad you were able to go have fun together. Someday soon we will all be reunited in love again.

Jessica Stoneman said...

I can't believe you posted that picture. I look like a freak!

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