Monday, April 30, 2012

the powerless of three

last weekend i had some of my college best friends come to town to visit me [really- i am that cool]- we had such a blast together. they live in bountiful and are single gals, living it up in life. we didn't do anything extraordinary or even that fabulous [pity- babies are such dead weight. cute, adorable dead weight] but it was awesome to be around people to make me feel young. seeing as how i'm 25, that's a good thing. but also seeing as how i wear mom jeans now, it was also quite necessary.
friday we had a senior citizens type linner at cane's [where their minds were BLOWN by their awesome sauce] then hung out at home and then had a crazy college kid dinner late at night with some pizza. 
saturday we woke up and hit the tizzown and visited tivoli village- kept it real at the farmer's market and shopped our hearts out at charming charlies, aka girl heaven. i got a fabulous sailor's necklace, in case you were wondering. 
afterwards we had fun swimming at my MIL's house. she had just cleaned the pool so it was not heated, which explains landon's irrational fear of the pool. even though he LOVES the bath water.  he screamed for the first bit- justin said to just put him in and get it over with. he screamed for the first couple minutes then tolerated it. 
obviously it was worth it for that cute tushy pic.
later stone and tif hit up a local concert-event thing called petapalooza and heard some sweet music while landon and i crashed. later that night we hit up my fav pizza joint bj's. and sunday we lounged around all day enjoying 'best friends forever'- aka - caitlin and mel and sam before justin got home from his mission.

honestly, it was completely lame but completely awesome. i'm so glad to have had the college experience and make some best friends for life. the power of four was missing an important lint but we'll be up north in a few weeks.

then i'll really party it up. maybe even stay up past 10pm. and wear my skinny jeans that are surprisingly comfortable and loose.

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Caitlin said...

I am so bummed I couldn't come, but sounds like you girls had tons of fun. Can't wait til the power of 4 can reunite soon!

Jordan & Heather Wong said...

ur little man is such a stud!! im in town lets do a lunch date and let our babies fall in love!

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