Friday, May 4, 2012

baby update: seven's one lucky number

my little gentleman, snoozin in mema's arms and trying to tune mommy out
monthage: 7

poundage: somewhere around 20- seriously. my baby weighs more then a bag of potatoes. he's def solid.
*watching daddy demo our closet and loving it*
foods he's oinked: getting landon to eat is an olympic sport- and i'm solidly in 4th place [so medals for me]. he usually likes carrots and apples but green veggies are hard. he loves eating bananas from his nasty net-thingy [prob bc he can hold them himself]. he loves to gum on apples or pears. and paper. and water. i even caught him trying to eat a knife last night @ chilis [aunt lyns!]. i've also started giving him puffs and he's not too good about getting them in his mouth but he loves to try.
rolling away from mom

how he's sleeping: i started putting him to bed a little earlier, so around 7:30 we start bedtime routine [food, bath, jammies, bottle] so he's out by 8:30, waking up at 6 but i still can't get him to sleep through the night. i gave him the passi back for sleeping bc the dr said it's better to be a pasi lover then thumb sucker. he doesn't wake up if it falls out, just from his squirmy little body. any ideas fellow mom friends? during the day he naps usually right before his next bottle [so wake, eat, play, sleep] cycle which i can't break. so he takes about 4-5 naps a day for about 20-30 min.
*giggling at mama*
what landon can do: rollin'. like a balla'. seriously it's so fun, he can move around. it's like one day, he just decided he was going to roll and now he loves being on his tummy. and rolling weird places and getting into naughty things- like my pump. he LOVES my pump and it's his life's mission to eat that. and paper. since he is now mobile, he loves to roll around in his crib and end up completely in a different spot then where i left him. he's also getting the urge to crawl but his little legs cannot support 20 lbs of baby love so he topples over. or he ends up burrowing his head into the ground while his legs are straight in the arm- much like downward dog. oh and he loves to spit at me and roll his lips.
lazy eater, learning to crawl, smiley, and cuddling with grandma while getting her pedicure

what we're still learning how to do: crawl. and walk. he's started to get that he can grab on top things to pull himself up but will only really do this in the tub. he's not the world's best eater- i seriously work so hard to get him to eat anything but i'm quite persistent. a girl doesn't get a boy she was chasing for 7 years if she didn't have a good amount of tenacity in her.
*learning to crawl*
his favorite things: his books. his favorite to grab at are my scriptures, his favorite to tear are my large picture books, and he LOVES LOVES LOVES to handle and 'read' his small picture ones - "buenos dias baby" and "baby einstein beethoven" book. oh and his finger puppet books. in his baby einstein book there's a picture of a baby and he just GRINS whenever he gets to there. he loves looking at other kids. and himself, the most handsome baby of all.
reading, hiding in the laundry basket

what landon hates: green food [gets that from his dad], being held inwards, cuddling, not being held, his car seat. lately he has been throwing MASSIVE fits of anger. granted, he's always been a harder pill to handle but when he's mad, he'd rather scream for 30 mins then not. so i'm an excellent tuner-outer.
*tickling landon with my hair*
how mommy is doing: GREAT! i just love this age- loads and loads more then the newborn stage. he never was a cuddly baby and is prob just as cuddly as he's always been so i'm good there. we have a great routine going on: shopping days, mommy club days, grandma days, date with mema days. he still has his fits [i'm guessing he will always be five handfuls worth of sassy] and is a high maintenance kind of guy. oh and i am now making efforts to lose weight.  before i was real casual, not making real changes but my mommy friend has encouraged me to buck up and join weight watchers. well, not really join but i'm doing weight watchers.

what we're working on: eating in a 30 min period without tantrums, not being held, crawling, pulling himself up to stand, sleeping better, baby signs [he knows "up", i think he might recognize "eat", working on "all done" and "milk"].
*singing in his sleep*
what we're looking forward to: ayden's sealing/blessing in a few weeks! it means a trip to sl,ut, seeing his gf abby, playing with his cousins, mommy having some sister time, hopefully seeing my bff8's recital, and grandma sycamore bread....yum.
*peekaboo in the laundry basket*
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Savannah Sommers said...

Cute little guy, Mel! He's getting so big!!

Caitlin said...

He has the cutest giggle!! And he really is getting so big. I can't believe he doesn't like food though. And so funny he rolls everywhere! He has to be the most handsome little man in the world. And he just keeps getting cuter and cuter everyday i think. Can't wait to see him when you come up!!

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