Friday, April 27, 2012

enjoy my cute baby doing nothing

happy friday everyone! i know what you're hoping for this weekend- more adorable pictures of my child. well you're wish is about to come true people. i have been having the darnest time to sit down and blog my little heart out so you're going ot have to settle for some eye candy of the baby variety.
here landon is...picking his nose. 
these are all from justin's iphone so i have no idea why they are all distorted- just pretend i'm artistic and i was going for something here.

what a little smartie pants

milk wasted

he fell asleep on me - this never happens
and lastly, here my baby is doing nothing. enjoy!
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Amanda said...

hahaha so stinkin cute! I love that you are"tickling" him with your foot and that there is bleeped out swearing in the background haha you're my kind of mom :)

Caitlin said...

Oh i just love Mr. Landon!! He is such a handsome little man.

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