Sunday, April 22, 2012

the green goblin

"hey! there's my mema waving some of my toys around- wow, what a weirdo."
"i've got something EXTRA special for you in my diaper....extra, extra special. think guacamole special"
family: isn't it about time? we have a good family friend who took landon's birth pictures and we had her take some more now that landon can somewhat behave some of the time. this is what we got- so hapy with them! check brittany out at studio imprints. i'll narrate for you what landon was thinking at the time. 

"homeless man shoes pictures- that's SO last year but i'll go along with it"

"this doesn't seem safe. let me check with mom because dad is known to act a tad haphazardly"

"so THESE are my parents. the one on the right gives me the goods and the one on the left gives me giggles"

"blue steel? ha- i call this the green goblin"
"noses! noses! noses!"
oh i just love my family. she's just amazing.
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Kari said...

Such cute family pictures! I wish we could get some this great!

Caitlin said...

I love these...especially Landon's poop caption face!

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