Monday, July 22, 2013

pregnancy update: lucky number 14

weekage: 14

poundage: according to my home scale 5 lbs - i don't trust the one at the doctors. not being sick helps one gain weight.

baby size: the size of a kiwi

how i'm feeling: man i am the luckiest pregnant lady in the world. i don't really get that sick. i did at the beginning and at night is when i feel my worst [i get super bloated, can't eat much and need to lay down], but my worst isn't near as bad as others. i do get some twinges and pulls sometimes and get tired a lot [i currently take daily naps when landon does and it's fantastic].

how landon is taking the news: he doesn't really get it yet which makes sense. i'll talk about baby brother [bc i know it will be a boy] in our prayers and during the day or when i get sick but he just doesn't understand. i have gotten him to dance like baby brother [he'll say 'wiggle wiggle wiggle' and move side to side; it's adorable]. he has gotten pretty clingy which my friend thinks it might be because he know he's going to get edged out soon but i'm not sure.

what i've been eating: a whole lot of bland things - lots of toast, cereal, salad and soup. it's really the only thing that sounds good. pizza is disgusting, cane's makes me sick and sometimes even slurpees aren't alluring [gasp!]. yet somehow i gained 5 lbs.

what i've been doing: i've been working out pretty regularly, trying to keep those lbs in check. i tried a funky yoga class last week which was a hoot- just yoga to modern music. it was awesome! i can't really  run anymore but i'm walking, doing the elliptical and lifting weights. going to classes are a lot of fun. let's see if i can keep it up!

how baby bear is doing: everything checked out great at the doctors! we got another ultrasound which was fun - he was scrunched up like a frog, jumping every now and then. unfortunately he wouldn't spread his legs to confirm it's a boy [so he doesn't take after me]. the ultrasound tech suggested i drink a slurpee beforehand next time.... she obviously doesn't know me.  i've also started the rounds of genetic testing [blood, urine, blood of my first born] but i'm not worried.

what i'm looking forward to: the next ultrasound when we find out the sex, even though i'm like 95% sure it's a boy. i'm not that sick. plus i just want another boy. justin really thinks it's a girl so we'll see. i'm also super excited for justin and me to go to big bear without landon. it'll be a nice romantic getaway! these times are numbered.

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KinderTeach said...

Lemon already has the same chin and nose. Landon's baby dance is super cute. Of course, all of his dances look the same. Keep working on the chicken dance.

Caitlin said...

Yay! Pregnancy update time. I love these. So glad you aren't feeling terrible. I would sure love to see this wiggle dance of Landons. I bet it is adorable! Also, go you working out so well. I wanted to at first so bad but I was just too sick and tired to do it. Keep it up!

Kari said...

I too love the pregnancy updates! Wahoo! Also, I'm glad you aren't too sick. Love the ultrasound pics!

Amanda said...

I love your pregnancy updates! I wanted to be cool and do that but I never knew what to say haha and now it's basically too late. I'm excited to find out the gender!

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