Wednesday, November 24, 2010

principal rooney

this semester i'm taking a history of rock & roll class [what a good wife i am!] and one of the requirements was to write a concert review. well, that's all i need: an excuse to go to a concert. luckily, my pal stonifer is always up to get her ear-drums blown and kitty-cait just needed an excuse to see her bff8 mel. esp on her birth week.

saturday morning the gang came down from SLC and we went to my favfavfav joint, heidi's brooklyn deli. after that the guys&dolls split their separate ways. the boy went to see unlv triumph over wisconsin [basketball = deathball] & the girls went to see harry potter!! let me tell you, mind. blown. i didn't like the brief nudey bit but otherwise, excellent, excellent film. after we grab a quick bite and headed to the concert.

this being said, i've been a vegas native for 22 of my 24 [mortal] years. i think i know this town like mickey knew that steamboat. imagine my horror when we couldn't find the right venue! justin pointed out the hard rock casino and told me it was there at the joint [so i'm going to blame him]. well we went there and no show. so we went to the hard rock cafe just outside the casino. no show there either. by this point i was 86.89% freaked out. esp since we were missing the show [since the ticket said it started at 6pm and it was already 6:15pm]. well, by this point a lovely half-naked waitress guided us to the other hard rock cafe. on las vegas blvd. fail for mel.

once we were there we discovered that the doors opened at 6- the show didnt' actually start til around 6:30- and there were 3 opening acts! we also discovered that stonifer had been hiding that anti-aging potion that snape drew up before SPOILER ALERT AVERTED- I WAS ABOUT TO SPOIL SOMETHING FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT READ THE HP BOOKS- SPOILER ALERT AVERTED. whem! thank goodness i avoided that disaster. long story short- our stupid bouncer couldn't figure out stone's [mortal] age so she got dork-dotted. the good friend i am, ended up buying the shots.

we had four 3 opening acts- the best one being parade of lights- much like owl city if i do say. they gave us a shout out AND a free cd- so naturally they were my favs. the opening acts were part-impressionists too! one guy look like spock [parade of lights singer] and one looked like justin timberlake ["the philadelphia pop sensation"- can't remember their name] did i mention we were the front row? like there was the stage then us? it was a small venue and not that many people but thankfully, we staked out our spots like a shopaholic on black friday. rooney finally came on and they ROCKED it til canada day. they did hits like i'm shakin', blueside, and esp when did your heart go missing?

you might know mr. robert coppola schwartzman from the princess diaries or the virgin suicides. or rooney from 'the oc'. i think i first heard of them through my SIL lysney. either way, epic concert by an epic band that was full of awesomeness and epicness [that's for your kitty-cait]. they even had their signature californication flag up.

other highlights from the show: sparkles & her friend [two girls who wore sparkle eyeshadow like there was a clearance at the hello! kitty store- turns out i coached one of them in 2006. TOTALLY did not recognize her. she sparkled more than edward on a sunny, vegas day], stonifer's twin 20 years into the future, the crazy asian lady who had every single fashion influence workin for her, oh, and hanging out with these fools.

fun fact: did you know that rooney is named after principal ed rooney from ferris bueller's day off? and as always, the beatle's guided our journey home with their ever-knowing wisdom.
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Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

Hey...It's not Jess that hates Epic. It's me!

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