Tuesday, November 23, 2010

birthday faux pas

i have never really done surprise parties well. in the previous post i talked about my hs friend blair's attempt to throw me a surprise party- there were like 5 people there bc it was last minute. but justin came so that's all that mattered. well, my disaster-bone struck again.

friday my boss let me go early from work (like 2pm!) which was quite boss of my boss. so the hubs & i went SHOPPING! i eventually got cranky and wanted to eat-eat-eat like a oink-oink-oinker but we had to wait bc we were gonna go to buca de beppo with the irelanders. justin wanted to drive (hint #1) over there bc i was rushing him - i was so starving! - so he drove like, 10 mph under the speed limit (hint #2) and by this time, i was getting quite cranky. and irritated. he even took wrong turns (hint #3). i started to suspect something at this point but when we pulled up to their pad, there were no cars so i thought i was being silly. so meghan opens the door and hesitantly says "...uh...surprise!" i look behind me, all sorts of confused. i kinda ignored her and walked inside and saw a table set up with food & a birthday banner- then i got it! once again, i committed a faux pas and was the first to my own surprise party [or were my invitees the one that committed it by being late?] either way- happy surprise party to me!

meghan was super sweet to throw me such a fab party! the spencers & earls came- and even the soon-to-be-mendenhalls! we pinata-ed it up [i channeled alice from twilight on that one] and played the "if...then" game. poor mendenhalls being the only not-married couple got the brunt of the jokes [i swear, once you get married, every joke made is about sex. and i was bad before i was married so imagine my crudeness now] but lots of fun had by all!

while we were pinata-ing i accidentally dropped my camera [the second time of that night] and it wouldn't turn on! i was so freaked but luckily discovered that if i forced the lens back in, it worked just fine! gotta love those costco products- never lets you down. and my lovely camera caught my glee/horror.

oh such wonderful friends i have. and a tricky husband- he is the bomb.com. the dill to my pickle. the coconut to my grass skit. the edward to my bella. the straw to my slurpee. the ink to my pen. [here we are channelling rio-rita!]
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Jordan & Heather Wong said...

looks like u had a fab birthday!! Im so jealous u see steven all the time!! I dont think i have even seen him since his been home what i poopie friend i am...

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