Thursday, November 18, 2010

hogwarts - class of 1754

last saturday my great friend ashten called me with a harry potter question. me! i felt extremely honored. when i think of a harry potter know-it-all, i think of caitlin; just read here. she is an expert! i'm more the twihard but i felt honored, nay, blessed. ashten wrote this poem for one of her children's lit classes- isn't she so talented?

Harry Potter
By: Ashten Higbee

A lightning scar that marks his face,
A muggle world which he’s disgraced
No mum or dad to call his own,
A dark past in which his life was sewn

A wizard, this new world will claim,
He’s always been a famous name
He enters unsure of his place,
A wand in hand he finds his base

Uncertain for eleven years,
He was born to wipe all fears
Dark magic placed his worlds in danger,
Young Harry rose with strength and valor

Magic, brooms, a world of wonder,
Where mysteries wait to be uncovered!
hp makes me think of kittycait & my wands from maverick. our dueling session after fro-yo friday. first hearing about hp in middle school and thinking it was lame. slowly coming to the dark side, eventually having one of my birthday parties at the 1st movies' premiere [hp#1 came out on my birthday those many, many, many moon ago]. reading the final books in 24 hours each. having reading competitions with kayla. convincing my babies that i went to hogwarts & dated harry. and cedric. and jordan lee for a bit but that was a big mistake! teaching them spells. my friend ashleigh's hp camp. continuing to make references to my days at hogwarts where i was head girl and co-captain of the quidditch team. thankfully, caitlin plays along with me and justin & sam have learned to tune us out.

hp is magical and i can't wait for it's release friday! so in honor of that blessed occasions, i've put together some of my favorites from my life is average and dear blank please blank. enjoy!

Our light switches at school have a sensor on them so they automatically turn on when you're the first one to walk in the room. I take great pleasure in getting there early so I can be the first and whisper "lumos" when I walk in. Fulfills my dream of doing magic. MLIA.

Today, I was walking down the hall at school when a guy walked up to me and shouted "Expelliarmus!" I was so surprised I dropped my books. He caught them, yelled "Win," and walked away. It made my day. MLIA
 Today (and last night) I read a couple of stories about people feeling lucky to be born on March 1st because it's Ron Weasley and Aragorn's birthday. I just want to point out that that's also Justin Bieber's birthday. Enjoy your next birthday! MLIA  

It is currently storming in my hometown in Australia, and when the thunder started, a man in his middle twenties ran down the street screaming, "THE DEATH EATERS ARE COMING" while a little kid was running after him saying, "DAD! ITS JUST THUNDER!" MLIA

It was my birthday and on my way home i saw an owl on my front porch. Guess who ran inside the house looking for a letter from Hogwarts.

Today, I typed "colleges" on google. The first suggestion that came up was "colleges most like Hogwarts." I immediately clicked on it. MLIA.

Today I got invited to a party by someone i hate with all my heart. I wouldn't think twice about going, except that it was a party to go see the new Harry Potter movie.... You know what? I can deal with her for a few hours. MLIA 
Dear Edward Cullen,
Avada Kedavra.
Sincerely, Tom Riddle.

Today, someone in chemistry threw copper sulfate into my Bunsen burner. As the flame turned green the person yelled "Diagon Alley!" MLIA.

Today, I was thinking about why I broke up with my boyfriend. I was going through a list of things, clingy, immature, etc, when i remembered he liked twilight better than Harry Potter. Case closed. MLIA

 Dear Salem,
I think you missed a few.
Sincerely, Hogwarts.

Today I went to the school bookstore to get a book I needed for class. There were plenty of new ones left, but I decided to buy the last used book that was in pretty bad shape. Why did I pick this one? When I opened it up I saw writing in the margins and suggestions. Now when I read it I feel like Harry Potter,and strongly believe the Half Blood Prince left this book for me. MLIA 

Today, after reading countless MLIAs about the cool things others did as a child, I asked my mom if I had ever done anything cool. She said I was the geeky second-grader who punched a kid in the face when he said Harry Potter wasn't real. MLIA.

Today, I read an MLIA about someone finding their fingerless quidditch gloves. I know what I want for Christmas:) MLIA.

Dear Waldo,
Please return my invisibility cloak ASAP.
Sincerely, H. Potter
Dear Stephenie Meyer,
I'm sorry your fans are so obnoxious. Try using less glitter.
Sincerely, J.K. Rowling.

Dear Edward,
This is why you were in Hufflepuff.
Sincerely, The Sorting Hat

and this is just a favorite of mine. justin & i already have our 1st costume planned when we have chicklens.

Dear Fork,
I understand that we haven't spoken since I ran away with dish, but I thought you should know that you have a son. His name is spork. He has your hair.
Sincerely, Spoon
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I thoroughly enjoyed this. Please feel free to do this again, and at any time.

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