Thursday, November 18, 2010

everyday should be my birth eve

my status just reflects my mood right now.

blissfully happy.

i've had a wonderful birth week and more to come! if you didn't know, birth weeks and birth eves are kinda a big dealio around the harrison household. sunday my family threw me my special birthday dinner- ribs & potato salad! granted, i wanted turkey & mashed potatoes [my #1 favorite meal] but since my favorite coincides with turkey day, i have to settle for that dinner a week late. oh, and did i mention chocolate mousse? heaven. this recipe is from alicia demille and it recipe coming soon. i also got a wonderful birthday card from my favorite peanut- its a book he wrote about hogwarts! he knows im an alum from the class of 1754 so he is constantly asking me questions about what life is like there, when is he going to get is letter, and is i could take him to diagon ally. feels nice to be idolized, let me tell ya. my wonderful friend whitney also made me the cutest mod-podged clipboard with goodies!

my birth eve was just as fabulous- work was boring, i got out early and went to dinner with my wonderful MOL teryl. i actually met teryl before justin- i saw his picture on her desk @ molasky (she was our choir assistant) and was a smitten kitten ever since. she successfully helped me coordinate 'operation-trap-justin' many a'times. she took us our to chilis [world's best chicken fingers. no joke] and spoiled me rotten! she got my this beautiful brighton bracelet with a cupcake charm [she knows me well] plus a slurpee gc, scarf & mittens! oh, and her world famous brownies. after, the MR and i went shopping and got my gifts!

hello beautiful brown leather volcom bag [purses are an obsession of mine] & pink wallet! mr owl necklace & pearl/chain necklaces- how i love you! that night was followed by a foot rub & 30 rock.

my birth morning was quite as magical! not only did i wake up to birthday kisses ["gross!"] but what was the first song my ipod sang to me? 'birthday' by the beatles. it was serendipitous. then my outfit looks FABULOUS [insert finger-snaps here]. then, getting out of my car, i drop my brownies [that i'm giving to my mom] and they land- RIGHT SIDE UP! birthday lunch @ heidi's [my fav!] with my mumps & sister + a bazillion fb shout outs = happy day. people i work with totally forgot so i waited til the right moment to tell them- so i guilted them into letting me go early again! i went to terrible's for my free bday car wash and what did i get? a free detail- worth $30! actually, when i was leaving work, i pulled out onto the road and who was RIGHT behind me? why my dear hubbyspend! he was coming to work early to surprise me with bday flowers but i ruined it by leaving early- haha! so once at home, he took me to see life as we know it. great movie- we even snuck in taco bell to complete our movie going experience. then a night full of glee & goodies & foot rubs completed my birth day celebrations. i am so spoiled! i still didn't get the world peace i asked for, but you can't get everything at once, right?

super jazzed for this weekend though, my besties jessica p. stoneman,  caitlin tapparrison & yeagsters are coming to vegas for the rooney concert! be jealous. i bet you can't wait for that post! well here's a pic of my bday babies! love them!
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Mike + Mo said...

Happy Birthday! I guess that the universe has finally learned not to mess with you on such a special week! (ps. I love that you do birthweek too.) Everyone thinks I'm a narcissist when its my birthweek, and MollyEve...

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