Monday, November 15, 2010

this is space command to zoom

tomorrow i turn the big 2-4. which is basically 25 which is basically a quarter of a century. when did i get so old? i remember when i was a teenager, i thought by 25 i would have at least 2 babies [because i started at 20, obviously]. well, fail there [thank goodness].

some birthdays presents stand out in my old, old memory. my gma & gpa getting me a pink barbie car on my 6th. blair [hs best friend] throwing me my 'surprise' bday party and justin came! [he even hugged me that night- score!] getting a barbie polaroid camera for my 14th [don't judge]. the best present, or at least the one i remember the most, was a message to me. from captain zoom. you see, he came from the moon to earth just to give me this message.

the adventures of captain zoom in outer space was a 1995 kid's show. i don't remember watching it. ever. in fact, i had to google it to get the name right. my dad gave me a cassette with a special song that sang my NAME. therefore, it was the best. gift. ever. just in case you wanted to know. i could literally sing you these lyrics from memory.

can you just imagine my little girl glee? it was epic. i've included the video bc it's just. that. cool. unfortunately, it's not to the tune melissa. captain zoom was a popular guy.

so this year, i've decided to make a list. a list of things. things i want to do before i turn 25 and become a decrepit old lady
-become ambidextrous. if not now, when?
-run another 5k
-make a fondant cake
-sew something [i've already got my eye on making justin & i some christmas stockings!]
-write a story
-throw a fabulous party
-go on a fancy vacation to someplace exotic
-finally learn how to drive stick
-buy a house!
-learn the single ladies & thriller dance
-make a garden
-be a better wife & best friend to my baby, lady
-milk a cow
-read 'the lord of the rings' all the way through. without stopping.
-start saving for retirement
-be more kind to strangers. and i  guess to people i know
-stop drinking soda. for good
-relearn how to play the piano. without fear
-finish reading the old testament
-attend the ellen show
-go skinny dipping
-visit ashland, oregon
-go on a girls trip. with my girls
-save up money for the uruguay trip
-(**it's a secret!**i'll tell you if i actually do it**)
that's 25 things to do before i turn 25. some things i've done before. more than once. some things i've attempted and accomplished, but forgot how to do or didn't do it well enough the first time. this year will be legen......wait for it.....dary!
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Jared and Devin said...

lol! oh goodness Mel! I still remember you playing this over and over... and over again! I'm glad you found it. Love you!

Mike + Mo said...

Umm... 25 isn't a decrepit old lady........... I'm still 15 at heart...
dang it.........

ok ok 25 is somewhat old, but not as old as Robin! (hehehe)

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

(**Tell me your secret!!** It's a need to know and I do!)

Anna Campbell said...

okay so I am going to put myself on your list and teach you how to drive stick (for reals this time) and how to do a fondant cake. if you would like i will even teach you how to make your own fondant. my cake stuff will be here after thanksgiving.

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