Tuesday, November 9, 2010

is it time to move yet?

i cannot wait. i've actually gone stir-crazy. most likely bc i hate my job and driving to work each day, i am overcome with loathing. in fact, i do everything i can to get out of working. including blogging.

cute kitty right?

so i'd like to take you on a trip down memory lane to the last time (and first time) i went to carson city. in 6th grade, i was in student council. it was the first year molasky was open so we were rollin in the dough. i don't really know who hooked it all up but the student council and some other nerds got to go to carson city and meet our governor! as you can tell from my 6th grade scapbooking skills, it was the bomb.com. we flew (on an airplane!! imagine my 12 year old glee!) to reno then bussed it to carson. we visited museums, met important people, ate at mcdonalds (score!) and even got to sit in on a special meeting. that part even made the news-

during the day, we were supposed to sit in on a meeting with legislatures to see what a snooze-fest it was. well, imagine our little wide eyes when we went in and saw some voluptuous half-naked ladies projected on the wall! they were meeting about these 'inapproriate ads' and trying to get them banned. fail. so our principal rushed us out asap as possible. quite the funny ordeal.

i don't remember much of the trip but thankfully, 6th grade mel knew i needed to remember these memories and immortalized it with paper and glitter.

things i'm looking
forward to

-being unemployed. even if it's just for a weekend. i hatehatehate my job so i'm excited for a change.
-walking places. and not being afraid to walk out my door.
-snowSnowSNOW! [sang in 'white christmas' way]
-living away from everyone/everything that's familiar.
-learning a new city.
-being in a small city. including small town quirks.
-justin being a hot shot, complete with a power suit
-getting a kitten. [okay, that's not going to happen. but a girl can dream]

things i'm not
looking forward to

-being unemployed. abba said it best, it's a rich man's world. hopefully this won't last long.
-missing my mom. and friends. i will be friendless up there [except cheryl, who is currently attending the highway patrol training up there, but she'll be too busy kicking butt to hang with me].
-having a calling in church.
-not being productive.
-snow. that business is COLD. and WET.
-wearing shorts, short-sleeves, and flip-flops during winter.
-having a home. and being surrounded by my stuff. justin limited me to 1 cupcake tin. ONE! who only makes 12 cupcakes at at time? blasphemy.
-the uncertainty of things when we get back.

but i'm choosing to look at the brighter side of things. we're going to make new friends, have new experiences, and make lasting memories. i cannot wait to 86 this town.
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Jordan & Heather Wong said...

Being away from family and friends is hard but I.think that it is great for Ur relationship. Ps I love that u know "white Christmas" I love that movie. Good luck with Ur move then when u are all settled in u can have a baby lol

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

I like your pretending scrapbook page the best!

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