Wednesday, January 9, 2013

this week: i'm moving on up- to the cold side

this is how landon feels about the car
this week

i'm packing up all as much as justin will let me of my precious things [you remember how much i love my things right?] in large cardboard boxes, putting them on a truck and hoping that i don't forget anything important. [oh HOW will i survive without my blender? my decorative throw pillows? all of landon's vehicles?] i was so delusional 2 years ago.

we are getting our new car serviced to make sure it's up to par to travel 450 miles to carson [that's almost 8 hours with landon stops] then take me home and back when i get too homesick.

we are signing at the bank on our said new car.

then have to take it to the dmv and register it- oh the joys of adulthood!

i am going to try to squeeze in last play dates with landon's friends and my girlfriends, wishing we didn't have to say goodbye to our social life for 6 months.

justin is attending his second to the last game of the rebel season and wondering how they'll ever survive without him.

we are having dinner with justin's old boss at a fancy restaurant, savoring the time without landon knowing it's our last for 6 months.

don't judge me by my dirty cookie sheet
judge me by the depends box
we are going to drive those 450 miles with 2 cars [maybe 3- or a trailer, not quite sure] and hope that baby einsteins in the backseat is enough to keep our little baby happy.

i am going to try to be optimistic about life- ya for time alone with my thoughts! ya for time with my music! ya for making new friends! ya for snow! ok i just can't muster that one people...

this week

i am not going to cry as we pull away [twss].

i am not going to mourn the loss of my stuff but look forward to a fun adventure... because it is fun to get away and try something new and different, even if it is for 6 months.

i am not going to wish i could go to book club on saturday. i didn't even finish the book [gone with the wind: spoiler alert, i hated the movie and i hated the book, the LONG LONG LONG book].

i am not going to cry as i say goodbye to my mommy. because i'm not as bad as devin [but pretty close, let's me honest]. it's so different from how i was feeling last time.

this week is about change.

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Caitlin said...

Boo! I am sorry you have to leave everything for 6 months. I hope you have a better experience this time than you did last time.

Kari said...

Change is hard, good luck! At least you know you get to come back. I'm trying to make it through the next 8 months of my husband's school so I'm with you.

ps. I HATED the Gone With The Wind movie but I did love the book. I read the book first, which I'm glad because I think if I would have seen the movie first Scarlett O'hara would have been ruined for me and I wouldn't have liked the book.

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