Thursday, October 28, 2010

the girl who cried baby

well folks, here it is. the big reveal....

[i tried to find that a picture from jan's baby shower- where angela & andy put astrid in a]

ALERT: TANGENT ALERT [the 3rd listed definition kind- don't tell steven]

so why is it that when you are married & have exciting news that people ALWAYS think you are preggers? like two married people couldn't have anything more exciting than a baby happen in their lives. well they can.

exciting news married people could have
that aren't in baby form:
  1. bought a new blender
  2. added to their family in fuzzy form [cat, preferably]
  3. made a meal that wasn't completely charred [or 'melissa-ed']
  4. won the golden onion at that week's married-couple-game-night
  5. they went to bed later than 10pm
see. lots of interesting things happen to the married variety [anyone catch the twilight reference?]

no we are not pregnant!
we are moving to CARSON CITY!

carson city, the land of fun, frienzy, & fantasy! aka, nevada's capital. a few weeks ago, justin decided to apply to an internship through UNLV's poli sci program and got it! basically, we're going to the po-dunk town of carson city for justin to work under a legislator for 4 months. i didn't honestly think about it much before he applied but after, we were really really really really really really wanted it. and to top it off, it's paid! well, there's a stipend that won't take care of everything but still, it's money! we are super jazzed, except for the fact that we're going to be there feb-june so there's at least 2 solid months of snow weather ahead of us. but who doesn't want to go to tahoe? [which isn't in utah. and lake havasu is in arizona. i always get those two mixed up] guess i have to get a cute new jacket! [score!] this is such a great opportunity for justin- he really is the bee's knees [but not the cat's pajamas; that's caitlin].

looking back at the past few months, it's been amazing how everything worked out. we were going to buy a house but couldn't find the right one. and had loads of problems with our lender. and weren't sure we would get the WISH program. then i wanted to go to grad school but UNLV didn't accept me in time to go. then i wanted needed a new job but couldn't find the right fit. it's like this was the path we were supposed to take all along.

so for all of you just dying to go on a vacay feb-june, come visit us in cc [not cedar city, even though i think it quite serendipitous that i am returning to a city named cc- cedar city, carson city...get it?]. southwest airlines ARE having a sale- $30 for tickets one way!

oh but back to the baby talk- we TOTALLY pulled that angle when calling our family. that was my mom's first guess. and justin's dads. and my work's. actually, i do that quite often to my mom & kayla when calling them. i guess it's like the boy who cried wolf. but it's the girl who cried baby. no one is going to believe me when i really am preggers [in the distant, distant future]. i'll have to work on that.

UPDATE: much grass to sarah pickens for finding this pic for me- golden. i can't wait to have a baby to put it in various fruits & vegetable arrangements.
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Sara said...

Congrats!! Sounds like a fun change of pace. Jason would love to get out of Vegas, but alas it is not to be...yet. Congrats Justin on the internship!

Anna Campbell said...

So this is how i get to find out. Yes been busy and side tracked...but still. this is worse than devin announcing that she is engaged through text. Gosh. Okay maybe not worse, but still bad. I better get a phone call when you cry baby for reals reals.

Jordan & Heather Wong said...

yea yea yea congrats! thats so fun for u guys good luck moving

Robin & David said...

Congratulations Melissa and Justin! That's so cool that you get to go to Carson City!

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