Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"i wish i was princess unicorn" - kelly kapour

let me just say, i had very high hopes for our halloween festivities this year. before the mish, justin wasn't into dressing up so i was content with handing out candy to his trick or treaters [because my parents don't get any. seriously, it was the first year i actually gave candy out to strangers at my door]. then while at school i had fun being dr. yang & tmnt [best. costumes. eva]. last year i was too busy planning our wedding to give a kitten's canoodle about oct 31st but this year, our first halloween, i was going to make it count. so i planned our outfits WAY in advance.

we were going to be princess unicorn and recyclops. read about the princess' legend. she's quite the dealio.

so is recylops OBVIOUSLY. and i already had the fluffy pink dress.

well, two weeks before halloween, i came to find out first hand that murphy's law was indeed correct.

anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

my grandpa died. i went out of town. my family came into town. i finally got busy at work, which never has happened. i had stake meetings and relief society meetings and time out for women and had family in town again and i had a nervous breakdown and justin had midterms and i had to do my visit teaching and then i had to make the monthly relief society newsletter and i had a party i had to make food for and a trunk or treat i had to make food for and then i got sick.

so ya, crazy past two weeks. somewhere during that time i had my late-23 year old crisis. so i abandoned the princess unicorn/recyclops idea because no one would know who they were. [honestly- did you before this post?] here are a smattering of ideas:

3 hole punch jim and cat pam
the joker and the joker as the nurse
bella and edward [a clear winner to me. a clear loser to justin]
fred & wilma flinstone
juno & pauley bleeker
hans solo & princess leia
dorthy & the wizard
batman & catwoman
finally- this is what won. purely based upon the fact that i already had a white dress & keith had a gorilla suit.
king kong & ann darrow
epic. fail that is. oh well- i've already started planning my outfit for next year 

or not....
see, i'm horrible when it comes to this whole baby thing.

anywaysies, festivities were had by all- best costumes? the irelanders as mr. & mrs. potato head. and best costume by little-people-whose-parents-force-them-into-silly-clothing: deagan & calle black as garden gnomes. love it.

oh and i finally got revenge on my sister/arch nemesis anna. she wore my could-have-been-me princess dress and went as a princess (but not of the unicorn variety). epic.

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Jordan & Heather Wong said...

lol i was getting excited for ur costumes!! but the king kong one did turn out real well!! AND im real confused with this baby thing are u wanting to have one? they are super fun!

Tami said...

Oh Mel I love your blog. You always crack me up. Funny story- The whole time I knew you at SUU i didn't know Mel was short for Melissa. I thought it was Melanie. You are just Mel to me!

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

I think your costumes were excellent!!

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