Saturday, January 12, 2013

landon, the chatty kathy

having a little toddle defiantly makes life more interesting then a baby. well i hated the baby stage but that's just me. they just sit there, wiggle, poop a bit then spit up everything = the worst. landon is hilarious- he does so many different things each day that make me crack up.

primarily, the words he decides are worthy of knowing. his first word was mama by far but after that, i would say up, sucker, cracker, cheese and eyes are next in line. if you just SAY sucker, he goes around saying 'saa! saa! saa!'. oh, i should explain- he doesn't really say words. well he says up and eyes because those are easy. but cracker is 'cra cra' or cheese is 'ceees'. still, this kid is a genius.

then what he picks up from justin and me. he is not a cuddly kid, much to his father's dismal [which i tell justin is hereditary, i swear that man won't let me cuddle him!] but he likes squeezes when i'll squeeze him tight then let go. well, the other night landon was climbing on boxes and justin did this one action of hugging himself then landon just knew it! so hilarious!

speaking of actions, landon is a pro with utensils. well he's pretty awesome with it. along with the computer- he just LOVES to touch ours then type on the keyboard.
and that's your daily round up of landon's cuteness.
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KinderTeach said...

He isn't saying "eyes". He is saying "ice". He knows we don't get into a car without our water

Caitlin said...

Oh he is one cute toddler!! I agree, life is way more fun with a toddler. I just love these videos, but I sure wish I could hear Landon babbling in person! Sometime soon perhaps.

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