Monday, January 14, 2013

life lately: conversations with dumbledore

life lately: playing with landon's buddy tanner [have i put this on here before?? oops!] at mema's. it's been lunching at mimi's with grandma shell and eating crayons like they were candy. it's been hanging at the irelands for steven's birthday and collecting then piling and repiling straws. such a cute little organizer. it's been hanging out in his new wheels while watching his programs like its a drive in movie. 
life has been cheezy but handsome grins from my little tub of love. it's been hanging at mema's and playing with the puppies and stacking her cans from the pantry.
life lately has been hanging out in his high chair [on the ground] and sucking on his tylenol dropper. because he is one cranky little boy and needs every drop of medicine he can get. it's been his cruel parents being mean to him and his gigantic head. it's been hanging with his favorite aunt lyns and snuggling some kisses. it's been begging and pleading for mommy to put him on top of his changing table then throwing everything off once he's up there.
it's been hanging with my cranky sister and sisters at lunch and wishing we all lived closer together. it's been another sister thinking she's hilarious. it's been landon in dog heaven playing with all the puppies at mom's house. it's been hanging at my mom's house and landon milking grandma for snacks every time he sees her. and getting them, might i add.
life has been landon thinking he can sit on anything- including his new sand box truck. which got stuck on his cute tooshy. it's been landon hiding from the evil vacuum machine behind the curtains. it's been a very handsome little boy ring in his 6th birthday.

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Kari said...

Hahaha, I love the pictures of Landon hiding from the vacuum (Ammon is terrified of it too) and I love the one of him with his shirt around his head. Total parent right to torture your children every once in awhile :)

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