Wednesday, January 16, 2013

weightloss wednesday: fat on track

did you know being fat is cool again? well.... not really. but fat amy sure is. man that girl is hilarious.
so here i am, trying to get back on the fat track after a dismal christmas vacation. it all got derailed when we had our staycation then christmas then our anniversary. plus i was doing zumba two times a week so i thought it'd be enough [really?! so terrible of me]. so i went running last week, the first time in 22 days says my nike+ and man i felt it. i thought i was going to collapse. it's amazing how easy it is to get out of shape. but i put in my mile- then went a few days later by myself and got two miles in. nothing fantastic but it's a start. i am for sure going to sign up for a gym in carson city. not that we have the money but my reasonsings are:

i will miss you my friends
1- it's snowy there so i can no longer run outside with landon
2- i have no friends and no life so some days going to the gym will be the only outing of my day
3- childcare! so landon gets to socialize
really, it's a win-win [win].

i'm so excited to go to a gym again! i LOVE gyms! i have too much self-esteem to care about being judged and i know how to use every machine so to me, it's a great place to listen to music and sweat out  my twinkies. let's just hope it works out the way i want.

on a related note, my friend and i have decided to give up sweets for a month except for one cheat day a week.... which obviously will be my slurpee day [saturday]. we both feel like after having kids, our sweet tooth has become a sweet mouth. i'm always craving sweets after a meal, it's ridiculous. before i would crave a saltine [no joke. i love me some salt]. i know that sweets are a ridiculous cycle- the more you eat the more you crave it. my bff8 has done a sweet detox before and i always thought she was cray-cray but here i am. whose with me?!

oh and i have given up soda for the year- even though i'm hoping it'll turn into forever but we'll see what happens when i get pregnant. ok no COKE for a year.
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Caitlin said...

Ya who is this Fat Amy person? she just started showing up in my twitter feed. But yes I agree, she is hilarious!

Good luck with your sugar fast. And your coke fast. You are a stronger person then me.

Kari said...

Good goals! My sugar mouth is out of control too! Trying hard to cut down but I still have too much junk in this house.

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