Sunday, January 6, 2013

life lately: meltdowns, grandmas and treats

life lately has been hectic and wonderful. it's been little boys who sometimes eat and then sometimes won't touch food if their life depended upon it [hello! it does!]. so the progression from happy to meltdown happens. it's been a clingy little boy who likes to be in my bathrobe again like when he was a baby. it's a cranky teething baby who i almost left on the porch for his grandma to come get him. it's my will breaking down and giving him a popsicle in hope his teeth will feel better. it was his mema's birthday and visiting her at work and hamming it up for the ladies.

it's spending time with mema then grandma- except grandma shell hijacked someone else's baby at the rs dinner i sang at. it getting christmas packages in the mail from tia and being so big that he doesn't need mommy's help anyone....or at least doesn't want it.
it's been making memories in his highchair: it's making a gigantic mess when i placed him too close to the wall. it's being so tired that he passes out in the highchair. it's getting mac and cheese and finding stray noodles on his face, tooshy, diaper?? it's getting another awesome vehicle, a rocket, from his aunt donna, and refusing to come out of it.
 lastly, it's been wanting to hang out in a big boy chair because someone thinks he's big. it's finally busting out his toms and realizing they don't fit his gigantic feet. it's been bribing landon to stay away til we got home- yet he falls asleep anyways. it's a cute little tooshy that just wants to play in every sink/water outlet he can find. it's been snuggling at mema's and missing mommy in his sleep.

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Caitlin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Caitlin said...

I deleted my last comment because it was mean. (not towards you though)hope you read it before i did though.

But I love Landons melt down face at very first. What a handsome cute little boy you've got!

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