Friday, January 4, 2013

jesus' birthday bash

jesus' birthday was quite the affair in the harrison household. christmas eve morning we had grandpa dave & kristi over for some breakfast and presents...most importantly the presents. grandpa dave routinely spoils landon rotten. he's the one who buys landon all the cars- and he got two more for christmas. the blue jeep and a grey motorized hot wheels. he also got tons of clothes and books. wasn't he the most handsomest little christmas bunny in the world?
that night we had the annual christmas story shindig at the zobrist household. my sister devin was there with her family, along with shannon and josh. this year shannon did something a little different but it was so nice to sing hymns and listen to the story of christmas. plus the annual christmas jammies. that night justin and i thought we'd all try snuggling on the couch watching a christmas movie with landon while he falls asleep....didn't happen. he got cranky but we tried.
 that morning landon was up at 6am. we gave daddy until 8am. then we opened presents and stockings. which lets be honest, we started with the stockings, in which landon got a sucker, and didn't pay attention to anything else after that. well, once he got it stuck on his bottom he forgot about it.
after our own christmas we went to teryl's and opened presents with her, lynsey and skyler. landon was once again spoiled rotten. this kid, he is so loved. after a nap we headed to see grandpa dave and kristi for lunch, where he got another present. that night landon was so cranky i just went to see my mom by myself [sooo nice] and hang with my family. a few days after that we had a huge family party with my mom with anna and her kids. such a great christmas - reminds me of just how blessed we are.
my boys - such smilers

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Caitlin said...

Sounds like a pretty boss Christmas. Isn't Christmas just so much more magical with a baby. I mean, last year we had them too but this year they actually showed interest in stuff! Cute pics as always!

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