Thursday, January 3, 2013


justin and i celebrated three whole years together this past week. three whole years! we were driving the other day and justin said 'well what do you think about that?' i just said 'ehhh. i'll be impressed when it's 7'. we've been together for so long- dated 7 years before we got married. so 3 is nothing. in fact, i feel like we've been married longer then that. not that i'm bored with justin but we are quite the old married couple. i remember when we first got together i couldn't believe i never got sick of him. i liked spending every second of every day with him. i love the way he smells. i love the way his hair sticks up all over when he first wakes up in the morning. i love how he teases me. i love how hard he works for our family. i love all that he does to make me happy. i love how my needs always come before his. i love how no matter how bratty i am, no matter what i do, he'll always be there for me. i love our life- and i love my sailor.

some of my favorite [photo] memories of justin this year include:
justin thinking he can wear landon just as well as i can - reminds me of when he put him in his sweatshirt

justin working hard to completely demolish our backyard so we can start fresh in the spring

justin so proud that his little man and him can match

being the best dad and skipping work so he can take landon to the dr

trying to squeeze in any time to snuggle with our baby bear

taking landon for a ride in the tractor

walking with landon down to the park - he was 10 months in this photo

picking pumpkins

going to my first hockey game together

happy sparkleversary sailor! 
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