Wednesday, December 11, 2013

the magic christmas seed

growing up, i had few moments with my dad that were happy. my dad is many, many things [and most are not nice] but he was indeed creative. one of his things was the magic christmas seed. i doubt i'd remember this on my own but one of the maybe five home videos we have include this little tradition and this year i was able to start it with landon.

i didn't plan too well [call it lazy pregnant ladyness] but thankfully, the bar was not too high. monday morning i told landon was dropping off a surprise. he, of course, wanted a tractor or plane present, but i told him he only got a magic seed. he knows what seeds are and what to do so i knew he'd love it. unfortunately, i didn't have an avocado pit on hand. fortunately, my mom did so she ding-dong ditched it for us. well i looked out the peep hole and didn't see her. landon did though as she pulled away. again, i lucked out when he didn't put two and two together. watch this video it's adorable.
we planted the seed outside in some nice rocks [not that deep because we hit the black liner- again, poor planning]. after we read books/scriptures, it grew into a tiny shrub that closly resembled one of our bushes. then we went on a walk to the park and it resembled a branch from the park. after lunch and naps, it resembled the potted plant landon helped repot with daddy just two days before. then once daddy got home, it was a tree! how magical!

the tree needs kisses and water to grow and thankfully, landon loved providing both. he was so excited to check on it all day. we had so much fun! days later he was still telling strangers how santa claus brought him a magical seed that grew into a christmas tree. i'd say year one a success, even though i am quite the disappointment. in the years to come, i'll really need to step up my game.
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Caitlin said...

Oh my gosh this is adorable! What a fun tradition. I especially love how he said the seed would grow into a tractor. Hahah. Cute boy. And I love how happy he is when he sees the tree.

Kari said...

Cute, cute, cute! And give yourself some credit. This is the first time you've done it, consider it practice round.

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