Monday, December 9, 2013

gems from daddy's phone

i always forget to check out justin's phone to see what gems he gets with his phone. he has close to 2,000 photos [while mine says it's full with only 100]. here are some of my favorites. look how adorable my little man is in grandpa dave's tractor- he is obsessed with tractors. the next, i have no idea when it was taken. but look how big he looks! my big little man. justin sent me this gem one night when i was away somewhere- he is pushing with all his might. don't worry, he didn't really poop. so adorable. and the next is justin trying to be hilarious.
 this is from before landon's birthday- landon is always trying to swindle girls into his bed and succeeded with charlotte. how adorable are they? the next is from a visit to grandpa dave's house where justin corralled our child into the dog fence. the last is my favorite- one night justin had tried for over an hour to put landon to bed and it wasn't working so they came out here to snuggle. how adorable is this?

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1 comment:

Caitlin said...

hahaha! that poop face is a gem. I love it. What a cute little boy you have!! Abby wants to play. Maybe we can come down for Porters blessing. Maybe.

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