Friday, December 6, 2013

life lately: planes & sleeping the day away

life lately has been a happy happy little boy with a spinning helicopter toy. it has candy inside, not that he would know. i am quite the mean mom. it's been walking to the park and hoping there will be friends there [there never is. poor landon is just desperate for friends all. the. time.]. and it's been a happy and adorable little boy eating lunch and watching 'planes' for the first of no-doubt, a million times.
 life has been seeing this middle earth gem at the cheesecake factory and almost nobody figuring out what it looks like [only nate got it. way to go big bro]. it's been a happy little boy who got a slurpee, courtesy of aunt shannon and a boy running around in daddy's slippers. such a stud.
it's been a play date while mom had a baby dr. apt and landon having the BEST time with lance and carter. he loves them so much! life lately has been looking at adorable dog pictures on the internet and landon just beaming from ear to ear. oops! pic duplicate.
and lastly, it's been our weekly dinner date with the irelanders and landon stealing kisses from taylor, who does not really care for his kisses. come to think of it, neither did charlotte. but i love his kisses. life has been falling asleep mid-lunch then pooping on the potty pretty regularly now. and it's been the most precious sight in the world.

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1 comment:

KinderTeach said...

You forgot the slurpee ding dong ditch fairy.

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