Monday, December 2, 2013

turn off the boob tube & read: the selection

one of my friends on fb recommended this book and being as how book club has slowed down with the holidays and i am wait listed to number something-ridiculous for some other books i love, i thought i'd give it a try. the premise is somewhat predictable- another princess book but it was surprisingly wonderful. i literally [said in a chris traeger voice] finished this book in 2 days. and i am eagerly awaiting the second book to be delivered to my library.

'the selection' by kiera cass is about america, a singer in one of the lower castes in this new society. she's in love with a boy in a caste lower then her [meaning they'll be ridiculously poor and hungry most of their life] but he convinces her to submit her name into a lottery of potential brides for prince maxon.  she's chosen [which means her family gets some money while he picks from over 30 girls] right as her boyfriend breaks up with her, hoping she can have a better life with someone else. she goes to the castle and the games begin- but america isn't trying to win over the prince, just provide for her family. believe me, it's great.

the cw tried to make this book into a pilot- twice- and failed - twice. the third and final book isn't out yet but i can't wait to see how it ends. seriously, the love triangle between american, maxon and whats-his-name [i really can't remember]. amazeballs people - check it out.
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