Friday, November 29, 2013

go shorty, it's my birthday

being old kind of sucks, but i really don't miss my young and single days. sure i miss sleeping in, a non-flabby tummy, doing whatever whenever, going out with friends..... ok i miss it a lot. but i really enjoy where i'm at now and i love my life. my birthday was spectacular as well. remember my list? well i got everything i wanted. really, everything. consider me spoiled.
we didn't get any good pics of us on our date but of course, i took a pic of my two desserts. this is a pic of landon helping mema 'mix' aka bake some cookies. isn't he adorable in that apron?!
on my birth eve, justin was out at the rebel game so landon and i made a night out of catching up on our DVR, my mom's pasta salad and some baskin robbins cake [i had a mini-freak out thinking they gave me vanilla instead of pralines and cream. they didn't but they sure skimped on the pralines and the caramel]. justin woke up with landon on my birthday then about 30 minutes later [between landon and this baby, i have lost the ability to sleep in] we rushed out to babystacks for some delicious breakfast- fried potatoes, bacon and chocolate chip pancakes. heaven. afterwards i had some snuggle/rocketship time with my little man then i got my massage on courtesy on my mama. oh goodness that was heavenly. i wish i was one of those ladies who could go once a month. it was just ridiculously relaxing. afterwards i came home, grabbed my boy and got our free car detail on, followed by some slurpees. after lunch and naps, landon and i played outside until it was time to drop him off at his mema's. justin and i went out with the irelands to the cheesecake factory. honestly, i'm not a huge fan of their food but their dessert, oh yes. fun fact, penny's uniform is nothing like what actual cheesecake factory workers wear. second fun fact, the cheesecake factory worship the eye of sauron. after the most expensive meal we have ever had with the irelands [which is weird considering we once went to an all-you-can-eat steak and lobster place before], we hit up the movies to see 'last vegas'. i know, i know, lame movie. i really wanted to see 'thor' but someone is quite intimidated by thor's dashing good looks and lustrous locks. no really, justin just hates superhero movies. since we bingo-ed it up for justin's birthday, it only makes sense to continue doing old man stuff for mine.

while we were at dinner i got a very strange text from my sister telling me where my brother was going to be. i didn't understand why that was worthy of a group text and she told me to check my email. turns out my dad cut his finger really bad and was without a phone [my mom works at the temple saturday night] so he sent out a mass email to all of us [entitled 'HELP NOT SPAM']. my brother ended up going over there and helping him hold down the fort until my mom could get there to take him to the hospital. he even made a pizza with my little peanut. i think he did a good enough job with paper towels and duct tape, but mostly because he's afraid of people and can't imagine going to the hospital and providing insurance cards, interacting with people and such. he ended up getting stitches and some antibiotics. he was even in high spirits the next day at my birthday dinner.

in all, 27 isn't too bad. wasn't my best birthday, wasn't my worst. but i have a wonderful life and lots of treats to get me through the next month and a half....well, maybe at least two weeks.

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Kari said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm glad you were spoiled, you deserve it!

Caitlin said...

So glad your birthday was great. I really want a massage next time I am pregnant. They sound great. Happy Birthday again!

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