Monday, November 25, 2013

pregnancy update: we're down for the count! 9-8-7...

look how low i am right here
weekage: 31 - 9 weeks to go [technically 8- my OB is going to take me a week early. so set your calendars! jan 16th!]

poundage: a whopping 30lb. really, it's so depressing. i broke down after i left the dr's office. i blame the lack of exercise and overabundance of treats given the holiday season. i was doing so good before they kicked us out of the gym. last pregnancy i gained a total of 35lbs and gained the least the last few weeks so i'm hoping that will be the case. either way, weight is just a number and i know i can work hard post-baby to get rid of the weight.

how baby is doing: he has finally started hiccuping. last time i remember landon doing it so much earlier. he is much more active then landon was but still pretty shy when it comes to other feeling him. it's funny how baby #2 just gets less attention all around- from me, from justin, from strangers and friends. he particularly likes to kick when i'm in the bathtub. he still is a giant fan of slurpees but who isn't really?

how mama is doing: holy craziness, this baby is making me hate pregnancy. when before with landon, it was easy breezy. heartburn at all hours of the night, restless leg syndrome, trouble bending over, loss of energy, and some other business not ok to post online. really, is it because i'm old? or because i've already gone through it all? i loved being pregnant before but now it's taking it's toll. maybe this means i'll have an easy baby since i had a hard baby/easy pregnancy.

nesting: i started unboxing landon's old baby clothes and putting them in drawers. i'm not going to wash them yet [i've still got 10 weeks!] but i was just so excited. seeing the clothes landon came home with [and missing one little sock! agh i am going to find you!] just made me all soft and gooey- and made me want to buy cuter baby clothes. i did buy myself a new diaper bag. my other one is just fine but i figured, we're not buying much for this one and i like me some purses. so sue me. isn't it fantastic?! it's a timi & leslie

what we're looking forward to: actually setting the c-section date but my OB said i could do whenever i want and i want jan 16. it's about a week before my due date [jan 21], it's a holiday weekend so justin's mom can help out a bit more- plus justin and i both have our bday's on the 16th so 16 is kind of a magical number for us. i'm also looking forward to the holidays. justin wishes we had the baby before 2013 is over [hello tax breaks, plus his sister is going to be home til the 4th and then we won't see her for a WHOLE YEAR] but i'm looking forward to one last thanksgiving/christmas/anniversary with just my baby landon. those first few weeks of babyhood just fly by and you're just a crazy hot mess of blood and milk and sagginess and spit up and poo and crying that it'll be nice to enjoy these times.

what we're not looking forward to: insurance issues. it's a long story but justin is the only employee covered on health care & so he was on the state party's group plan. well they folded under, didn't tell anyone and no one will cover a pregnant lady with current laws. as of january we can get on a new plan [which will in no way be as great as the one we are on now] but we can't go uninsured for 2 months so things are kind of up in the air. we're not sure what we're going to do. oh and the whole c-section recovery thing is not going to be great. or sleep training- anyone have a great book they recommend??

oh and the baby has a name! porter david harrison - i can't wait to meet him!

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Kari said...

You still look great even if you're upset with the weight gain. I always gain more than I want to too. I can't believe you're almost there. It's bringing back so many memories, especially since Ammon was born on Jan 12th. And I've been without insurance for almost six months and it's awful so I feel you. Good luck!!

Caitlin said...

I love that diaper bag! I really neat a new one? How much was it? also, you are looking so cute! Can't wait to meet Porter!

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