Friday, November 15, 2013

life lately: costumes & spaceships, oh my!

life lately has been daddy and landon having some boy time then landon pooping out while daddy went to the bathroom [mommy got to go to the temple and a baby shower! lucky me!]. it's been a big boy thinking he is not quite so big and a gift from auntie kk and landon hating it [he LOVES chickens so i was flabbergasted that he was scared. he has since learned to love the chicken]. it's been a visit to grandma shells & landon destroying peanut's special lego creation. 
it's been another night out for mommy [saw 'ender's game with kayla- great movie, even better book] and a grandpa play date. landon had so much fun playing fetch with toby and getting treats from grandpa. it's been landon throwing a ginormous fit and causing his face to break out in some weird face rash. really- such a dq. i know he's my kid but come on. it's been a trip to the discovery museum with lance & carter with some water time. isn't he just adorable in that rain coat?! life lately has also been a resurrected tractor then a ride with grandma shell. it was probably out of commission for a week due to a flat tire and a need of gas. landon could NOT stop talking about it- really, like 10x a day. telling me papa needed to fix it and what exactly he needed to do. thankfully papa did fix it.
life lately has been a lot of dressing up and imagination time [i just love this age!]. it's been a visit from jake [of the neverland pirates], complete with a pirate hat and sword. and it's been a growing baby and a mom who has been terrible at taking week by week pictures.
lastly, life lately has been flying in our rocket ship [a la little einsteins- which is LOVES] complete with space helmets and his space buddies, chicken and bear in their space helmets. it's been lonely with grandma shell out of town so we visited papa and his baby chicks which aren't quite babies anymore. it's been a little boy being a little boy and finding the most creative ways to pee in the bathtub [he's huddling over a little cup]. and last but not least, it's been a score of a deal at target's clearance section- a dusty costume [originally $30] for $3! despite his face, he loved it. he especially loves his 4 sizes too big dusty slippers that he just HAD to have. mom is such a sucker.

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KinderTeach said...

I just love my little cheese ball and baby Lemon too, but he isn't as cute as the cheese ball yet. 12 days and counting before the party starts.

Sam said...

You are so cute and pregnant! More pictures pleeeeease!!!

Caitlin said...

I am so surprised that Sam would say he wanted more pregnant pictures. That husband of mine. so full of surprises. :)

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