Monday, November 11, 2013

fall & halloween festivities

we've had such a great time this fall. i really do love all of the festivities, especially with kids. they really do make life worth living. and man did we live this halloween season. one day justin and i took landon to gilcrease orchard and picked out some pumpkins, ate some apple donuts & apple cider. it was fantastic.

another weekend we visited halloveen for opportunity village- rode a carousel, frequented the train & slide, oinked on some funnel cake & candy. it was probably my favorite thing we did the whole time. it was expensive but awesome. i don't think he could have had a better time.

for family home evening we visited a fake pumpkin patch that was more carnival ride then about the pumpkins. the previous week we visited tivoli village, hoping to ride their train and play ground. found it was disappeared. so we went across the street to one of these fake pumpkin patches that looked like so much fun and they turned us away because it had been rented out for a private play ground. i had to drag poor landon away from this fun place- it was heart breaking.  this one was not quite as up to snub as that one but still pretty fun. spent less then $10 and he got to ride the train a couple times and visit some animals.

the week of halloween my brother entered my dad's two classic cars into a car show/day of the day celebration. when we first got there landon spotted a full costumed winnie and the pooh and started side-stepping to avoid him. i said something, winnie the pooh turned around and then he started freaking out. it was hilarious! mexicans really do seem to like winnie the pooh and landon did not. he did like walking from car to car trick or treating for candy. he did not really like josh's make up.

the monday before halloween i set up a play date with my friends. i suspected about 4-6 of them would show up [what usually happens]- about 10-15 RSVPed, much too big for my little house. so we relocated to the church and had such a great time. everyone brought 'themed' food- i made mummies in a blanket, others made pudding 'graveyard' cups, bone rolls & blood marinara, pumpkin juice, candy apple rice krispies. it was so much fun! the kids especially enjoyed running around and eating snacks without their mom's caring too much. i wll definitely do it again.

the day before halloween we met up with meghan & taylor at the library for a special halloween story time. afterwards they were going to 'trick or treat' around the library. well, what a giant waste. at the different stations they had coloring pages- that's almost as bad as toothpaste or raisins. he did get one sucker at the very end but really, a giant let down. at least taylor is really starting to warm up to me which is nice. wasn't she just the cutest little pumpkin? that was meghan's costume when she was little.

our ward's trunk or treat was the night before halloween. we had a chili potluck [like most wards] but also a pizza truck [someone in our stake has one] and some cotton candy [not the best flavor but cotton candy is cotton candy!]. we had so much fun chatting with friends and seeing everyone's fun costumes. unfortunately we parked in a low-lit area and did not decorate our trunk at all- it was actually super pathetic how little i put into this. i did however buy a lot of dum dums that we ended up not taking out of their packages. justin took landon around to a handful of cars. he so sweetly whispered trick or treat and always said thank you. it was adorable. meghan let us borrow their costumes from years past so we were mr & mrs potato head. huge hit.

on actual halloween night we visited my mom at her house where landon was more excited for the chickens and tractor. at his mema's house he got a giant bucket of treats and goodies then we visited one neighbor. we grabbed some cane's for dinner then had a great night hanging out as a family. unfortunately for landon his parents aren't nice enough to let him oink out on his candy. fortunately for us, landon got us a lot of candy to oink out on. it was quite wonderful.

whew! man you think i'd be exhausted- but honestly i'm just excited for the christmas festivities to start.

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Caitlin said...

Man, you have had a blast! I loved your Halloween costumes and all the festivities. Makes me green. Green with envy! Also, I have missed blogstalking you. I am at my moms today to do homework, but I couldn't resist some blogging first.

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