Friday, November 8, 2013

turn off the boob tube & read: white cat & fluffy

two in one month? lucky you. i love to read, i really do and this new book is another great addition to my YA collection of loves. my friend holly heard about this from her friend and had mentioned she wanted to read it. ironically i've onto the second book and she hasn't hit the first one yet but she did have several giant life changes happen so i'll give her another month or two :)

holly black's novel 'white cat' is about an alternative world where there are 'worker's or people who have gifts that allow them to change luck, kill people, transform things/people, change memories, etc. it centers around a boy named cassel who was born into a worker family [where workers are typically criminals and belong to criminal 'families'] but is not a worker himself. his mom is in prison, one of his brothers is in college and the other is in a crime family- and he is at a fancy boarding school. while there he sleepwalks onto the roof and almost jumps off-- and that's where the schenanigans begin.

i can't fully fall in love with these books; i think maybe because cassel i
sn't really a hero. or a girl, i really like books around girls. i do like that these books are different and have a different version of life then other books i've read. uniqueness really is hot commodity these days. worth checking out. but let's be honest, i'll never love these books [or really too much] more then i love my own black cat. fluffy, i still love you more then most people i know!
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KinderTeach said...

I'm very grateful to be one of the people who have it written on paper that you love me more than Fluffy AND slurpees. 😘

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