Wednesday, November 6, 2013

my favorite things: fall

being pregnant during the fall/holiday season is definitely a game changer. i already told you i felt like i have been gaining more weight with this baby [i have- dr confirmed today. made me quite depressed] and the time of treats does not help one bit. it has been quite a while since my last list of favorites so enjoy.

scarves - justin makes fun of me for my elaborate collection but he's just jealous of my mad style
treats treats treats - i have got a major sweet tooth as of lately and i just can't stop snacking on them
outdoor time - i love vegas winter because it's more like fall for everyone else. landon especially has enjoyed drawing on our patio. he'll even go out there himself - i love it!

new fall tv shows- reign [the most! holy goodness it is good and oh so scandalous], the blacklist [somewhat], once upon a time in wonderland [hello cross-over. i love it!], the originals [how are they going to continue this plot?]
holiday festivities - pumpkin patches, hay rides, magical forests, visits to santa, trick or treating - it's so much fun! and oh so magical with a kid. honestly, children do make holidays that much more special

movies! the hunger games [i'm going to an early release showing!], ender's game, thor, the hobbit - bring on the buttered popcorn!
my BIRTHDAY! i've already got landon singing 'happy birthday mommy'. he's decided to get me some airplanes then help me open them. i wrote justin a list of my wants...notice most of them are dessert.
boots - i rarely wear them, esp now that i can barely touch my toes so getting into them is a bit rough.
family time - lyns & skyler, pineapple & charley, my former arch-nemesis & her superheros. i can't wait to spoil them and for them to spoil me landon.
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KinderTeach said...

Pineapple and Charley wish they were already there. Baskin Robbins cake? Copy much. Although I say we should get one over Turkey day since we all love it. And eating all of L's treats?!? Love you, L, Lemon and Sailor

Kari said...

I too am jealous of your scarf collection. And Landon is so good at the scooter! My son just walks around with his - he can't quite figure it out yet.

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