Monday, October 28, 2013

duck duck geese are the worst

last saturday the irelanders & us went to visit floyd lamb state park and enjoy some quality time outdoors. one thing vegas does right is the transition seasons. summer is the worst, winter is the worst. but our demi-spring/fall are awesome. it's been a sunny 80 for most of the week with no cold insight- just the way i like it.

i know there's some significant history behind the state park, something along the lines of settling nevada but we like it for the ducks! i know some old dudes go fishing there and it is gorgeous to take family pictures [ie like we did with the harrison family before we left for carson in january] but it's the ducks that gain the biggest crowd. luckily for us, the 1st and 3rd weekends are open for the farmers market, which allow for free entrance to the park!
our first stop was to feed the ducks of course- landon was beyond ecstatic to feed them. after we breezed through our measly bag of bread [really, poor planning on my part] we visited the farmer's market and sampled the delicious fruit/veggies and landon loved petting the adopt-a-dogs they had parading around. then we walked and chased the peacocks, followed by a delicious picnic in the park.

thankfully meghan had better sense then me and brought a giant bag of bread. unfortunately the ducks/geese can sense food a mile away. really, it's freaky. i TOLD the boys that geese are mean but they didn't believe me. well by the time a flock was chasing justin halfway to the parking lot, i think he believed me. really, they are just the worst. they are super vicious and aggressive. didn't matter how far we walked they followed us. the kids enjoyed themselves though. it was just nice doing something that didn't cost money and was just about quality time together.

except for those geese- i'm going back for blood.
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Caitlin said...

I love feeding ducks and I agree. Geese are really the worst.

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