Tuesday, December 31, 2013

happy christmas harry!

our last christmas as a family of three- can you imagine? we had such a great time but holy goodness, by the end of the day i was begging for bed myself! i started my christmas shopping early and had gotten landon's few gifts out of the way - good things but nothing spectacular. i knew he was going to be spoiled by his grandparents so i felt no need to go crazy. well, justin doing what he always does, went crazy shopping a few days before christmas and went to town on presents for landon. it was ridiculous. landon really understood who santa was, what was going on and what was going to happen- which made it that much more fun! doing the 12 days of christmas and having an elf on the shelf made it more magical as well. come christmas morning, landon was up bright and early before 6am whining for milk. he first noticed that santa ate ALL the cookies [i think he's quite offended that santa would be so glutenous] then we laid on the couch and snuggled for a good 30 minutes. justin wandered out at this point so landon got curious- then noticed that santa brought him presents! he loved opening up the gifts but really wanted to play with them instead of opening them all up. it was hilarious and so fun! i made a delicious cinammon roll bake from pinterest for breakfast then we slowly wandered to justin's mom's for our second christmas.

she spoiled him with some great toys [shopping cart with food, car mat, movies] but the real belle of the ball was the tricycle! this marks his 9th vehicle [cozy coop, scooter, wagon, bike, jeep, push car, tricycle with a handle, buzz lightyear rocketship] so he is beyond spoiled rotten. afterwards we headed to grandma shell's for presents and lunch [and he got his 3rd set of the same dusty legos- i guess i should have told people other things]. after a quick nap we went to grandpa dave's for our fourth and final christmas. dinner was running late, landon had been spoiled and given a ridiculous amount of candy, and he was acting like the worst version of himself. not eating dinner, not listening, opening presents before it was time- it was chaos and horrible and he was spoiled the most here! grandpa dave could win the olympics at ross shopping. landon's favorite gift from him was a cool airplane/airport combo. we drove home as fast as could because he completely lost his marbles near the end of gift giving. i had to wrestle him into jammies and get him to bed- it was horrible. he's still having residual bratness a few days later. we feel so loved to have so many people care about us and want to spoil landon. it makes me slightly sad that this is my last christmas with just landon and porter [and the other kids] will never get the same amount of attention from others and myself but i sure do love all of my boys and can't wait for january 16th!
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Caitlin said...

Happy Christmas Ron! 4 Christmases is so much to try and go to. Sorry for Landon's melt down. We have it lucky up here. Dan and Nonie did a Christmas Eve thing, and then we invited Sue to come to my parents. (she ended up being sick however.) But sounds like a good one with all of Landons loot.

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