Wednesday, July 10, 2013

secret keeper 2.0

as the self-appointed worst secret keeper in the whole world, this post has been a long time coming. and a long time planned. well, the cat's out of the bag

we didn't come home from carson empty-bellied!

about two weeks before i left carson, i had started feeling sick. very sick - which is unusual for me, pregnant or not. remember when we visited virginia city? that weekend. i was so sick i couldn't even eat ice cream - ice cream people. so that was my first hint. my second was i was two days late. now, to avoid details [i know, that's so not me] i had gone off birth control since august because it was making me sick. so i was getting quite nervous that it took as long as it did to get pregnant again [last time it only took 3 months]. looking back, i am so so SO glad that i wasn't pregnant again in carson [for long]. i have such a hard time being there that being sick AND alone would have been worse. in fact, the irelanders had a bet that i would come home pregnant and like a good friend, i got meghan hard wood floors.

now i had been convinced several times before that i was pregnant when i wasn't so i had run out of pregnancy tests. when i was so sick, only a slurpee sounded good [surprising right?] so i ran to 7-11 saturday night for a coke slurpee and pregnancy test [you know that clerk gave me a nice wink and nod]. the next morning when landon woke me up bright and early at 5:30 i took the test and was amazed it said positive! i celebrated with landon then tried my hardest not to wake up justin. he had been working so much and had no time off that i was instructed not to wake him up before church. well i lasted until 8am. seeing as how it was a sunday and my options were slim, i had landon write daddy a card that said something about not wanting to share him and had landon wake him up [to avoid cranky daddy]. he didn't believe me [of course] so after he saw the test he was convinced! we were so excited - and i was glad i wasn't just being crazy once again.

later that afternoon we facetimed our families with landon wearing a homemade big brother shirt. it took my mom a good 5 minutes and a trip to the chicken coop before she noticed. justin's dad caught on much quicker but lynsey got it the second she picked up. justin's mom was at a graduation party that night and justin's dad spoiled the surprise for her next day at work before we had a chance to tell her. for my sisters, i took the eggo/preggo picture and sent it to them the next day.

as to how i'm feeling, i get morning sickness in the afternoons and need to lay down a lot. trips to the store are almost unbearable and smells from people at the gym make me gag. i haven't thrown up [which i most likely won't - last time i only did it twice. i've got an iron stomach] and my morning sickness isn't as bad as others. it's manageable. usually i can snack on crackers, lay down and feel ok. most evenings i can't eat a good dinner and the thought of making food makes me sick but i'm working on it. my house is dirtier then i like and i'm lazier then i have been but that's life. some people have asked me how i compare it to my last pregnancy - i think it's pretty much the same. last time i was in carson city jobless so i slept till 11am, went on long walks and slept some more. i didn't feel well but i took a lot of baths. so of course this time is a lot harder chasing a toddler.

justin thinks we're having a girl but i just know it's a boy - such a big change from last time. but i really think it will be a boy which i want. i know boys, i get boys. boys are easy, cheap, and so tough. landon would love a little brother he could rough house with. not that a girl would be bad [in fact, a girl name is the only name we have] but i just really would like another boy. either way we are going to be happy.

my little gummy bear
the second i found out i was pregnant again, the constant worrying has started again. like 24/7. i am just so amazed at how our bodies work, how wonderful it all works together and how scary and easily it could all go wrong. heavenly father really knew what he was doing. i just pray everything goes according to plan and i can have the peace of mind that heavenly father is with me and my little baby the whole way.

during the first ultrasound my little gummy bear was dancing side to side, just wiggling away - made me laugh so hard! so now i'm trying to teach landon to dance like his baby brother [i think]. it's hilarious.

post-note: landon, of course, doesn't understand when we talk about the baby. i am constantly telling him not to kick the baby [my belly] during diaper changes or swimming but he just doesn't get it yet. he will though. he will be a great big brother!

read landon's pregnancy announcement here.
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Caitlin said...

Cute post! I can't wait for more pregnancy updates and such. And I can't wait til you find out if he really is a boy. I am so excited for you guys. And Landon will be such a fun big brother!

Julie said...

YAY!!!! When do you find out the gender!?

Kari said...

Hooray!! Congrats! I'm so happy for you even though you are a little more sick this time. I hope that everything is smooth sailing and I'm excited for all your pregnancy posts :)

Tami said...

How exciting Mel! That top picture of Landon is my favorite. I wish you an easy pregnancy!

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