Friday, July 5, 2013

life lately: beware the killer plants

life has been accidentally putting in three pictures that you've already seen. my bad- oh well, he's cute so you can just deal. life has been eating strawberries in the baby chair and passing out from partying too hard. it's been mommy scared that he's going to poop in his ship and putting my new sign on my piano and loving it.
 life has a naked naked boy pulling off his diaper and making a run for it. it's landon and mommy being cheesy and finding this gem on pinterest and missing a certain friend from college.
 life has been full of cleaning and vacuuming and a scared little boy who climbs on his puppy chair to avoid the suction. life has been his new favorite ride at walmart and a persistent little boy asking for money. it's been a death trip to sportsman's warehouse full of dead animals but a handsome little cowboy as well.
life has been getting the awesome cart at smith's and landon being as happy as a clam. it's been a sneaky boy eating pizza [from his dad] and trying to hide from his mommy with unkie's classes [read: keith]. it's been an awesome deal from 7-11, which almost makes up for the fact that slurpees almost cost $3 for an XL.
 it's been aunt meghan making landon an awesome choo-choo cape and mask. he was terrified of it but in a rare moment let me put the mask on him. it's been landon falling asleep too close to bedtime because he didn't take a long enough nap in the day. life has been receiving an unexpected package in the mail and thinking my mom loved me enough to send me something from tremonton but sadly finding out it's just some straws i ordered on very jane. it's been making some sticky buns from our best bites but not having a bundt pan so i used an angel food cake....not the best idea but really not my worst.
 life has been lots of reading and landon wanting to read mommy's scriptures because his aren't good enough. it's been daddy playing fun new games with landon including this burrito pull and him throwing landon in the air or 'flying'. it's been a whole lot of coloring as landon has discovered a new love for drawing. it's been justin's new glasses which make him look like a handsome clark kent or a weirdo hipster.
 lastly, it's been my pants literally ripping at the seams, thus making me need to go shopping for more gym pants. it's been landon missing his grandma shell and her chickens, but making due with this book. it's been a whole lot of grapes and watermelon and apples and apricots and nectarines- i just love summer fruit. my mom's plants apparently miss her as well as they have decided to kill my basil. i don't know how they did it but they did. meany plants.

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Caitlin said...

All Justin needs to complete the hipster ensamble is a V-neck shirt and some old skinny jeans. Sam has both. I'll send them down.

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