Wednesday, July 3, 2013

this week

this week

we are driving in a car for a very very very long time with a wiggly toddler

we are celebrating another year of living in a country of freedom, opportunity and choice

we are attending the sealing of my new niece which will make them a forever family

we will meet our new niece!

i will be seeing my college best friends and laughing and reliving our glory days

landon will be seeing his girlfriend abby and no doubt try to kiss her. then talk about her for a month after.

we will have lots of family time and finally get to see my parent's compound in tremonton

justin will drop me off in st george for 2 days of sleeping in, sister/mom time, plays and lots of cackling

i will be missing my men more then ever

i am so excited!
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KinderTeach said...

It's going to be legend-wait for it-

Caitlin said...

I can't wait to slow motion run to you. And for Abby to re-meet Landon.

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