Monday, July 1, 2013

our second trip the dirt garden

*here's one thing crossed off my summer 2013 bucket list
**here's our first visit to the spring's preserve

our last visit to the dirt garden was last june with my brother's family. this time we met meghan & taylor there after buying a family groupon there. it wasn't that much of a deal but i really want justin to start coming on outings with us and spending his money is a good incentive for him to pay attention. since we got a year pass i knew we wouldn't spend too much time there.

we all had lunch together after landon's nap then hit up the rain forest exhibit. meghan & taylor had already been there an hour before we got there so they had already seen most of it and had to leave soon for taylor's nap. all through lunch, landon kept asking for the choo choo. he is obsessed! once meghan and taylor left we rushed for the last ride of the day. it was packed full and over 100 degrees outside but landon could not be thwarted. he was so excited the whole 20 minutes! he kept looking around and saying choo choo, choo choo. it was worth the extra $3 and excessive heat.
isn't he so big?!

he would NOT stop trying to open the car to drive it. tenacious this kid is

making friends in the cave
after the train ride we spent some time at the sustainability center. the preserve does a summer camp [man i wish it was april again. i am SO sick of all these hoodlums running around, clogging up my fun places to visit!] so tons of children were running around causing havoc which normally would be horrible but my little toddler thinks he's a big boy. he ran around screaming with kids he doesn't know, stalking them and getting in their business. had so much fun. it's my goal to go once a month and i've got one free adult pass to come with me. anyone want to come visit vegas?? i'll save you $12!
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Caitlin said...

Sounds fun. I would totally go with you if I lived in Vegas. Abby would love the train too...maybe. I never know with her. I thought she would love water this year but alas, I was wrong.

Can't wait to see you Saturday!

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