Wednesday, May 22, 2013

summer 2013 bucket list

i am getting so excited for summer! after having to brave at least 10 snowfalls [i know, you utards are just laughing at me], i feel like my nice & cool winter of flip flops were stolen from me. that's why i have to live it up extra this summer to make up for wool coat that itched me neck for 3 months [because that's really only how long it was cold for]. i've already started thinking of how i want to spend my time and here's what i've come up with. some a tad more realistic then others but hey, this is my party.

- get our backyard done & let landon play in the kiddie pool we've only used indoors so far
- visit the super summer theatre and see 'the music man' or 'the producers'
- only have 1 slurpee a week - except for 7/11/13. that's a national holiday
- be better about sunscreen with my baby! i remember it when we're poolside but hardly when we're just playing outside
- visit the bird sanctuary before it gets too hot
- convince my bff8 and her family to come visit
- go on a girlcation with my homegirls
- visit the leid discovery or springs preserve [not both- they are so expensive!]
- visit tuacahn for our zobrist family girl trip
- see in theatres: iron man 3, star trek, the wolverine, and the mortal instruments.
- continue working on the harrison family history
- figure out this whole food storage thing [esp the cannery- anyone been before?]
- keep working out in vegas as well as i've been doing it here
- do a utah visit to see my fam, the farm, a baby sealing and a baby blessing - i'm thinking july 4th.
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Caitlin said...

Way to shout out to me! It would be fun if we could make the drive down there...we will have to see!!!

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